Importance of mental health care

According to the information from World Health Organization every fourth person in the world has a number of mental disorders during his/her life. At least he has a slight depression or distraction. Who considered that depression will become a second reason for disability after cardiac diseases in the world. In Great Britain every year three of every ten workers have mental disorders; therefore country loses 91 millions working days a year. In the USA a mental disorder diagnosed of every fifth worker every year. Overhead expenses of those deceases exceed all the sums allot for cancer therapy. Agreeably to the information from National Institute of Brain Analysis only depression which strikes about 19 millions people a year costs the national economy of the USA about 44 billion dollars. So people need supervision of mental health therapists and mental health care become a great problem of every government.

Mental health care becomes a great problem not only for the authorities, but also for employers. The number of mental health diseases of different types has increased. The majority of mental health therapists are at one in thinking that the reason is an urban life and especially brainwork.

Mental disorders are the result of several components. They are psychical and biological human characteristics and also external causes. Imaginative people, fanciers, hypercorrect people and arrivistes are the subjects for such kind of diseases.

Depression is one of the most prevalent of mental disorders nowadays. It is developed with the exorbitant working loads. Depression is a damp, which is accompanied with a feeling of sorrow, anxiety, apathy, disinterest in reality. It is also combined with oppressive feeling of blame and aspiration for loneliness and quietude, feeling of intellectual disability and weakness. People in depression cannot enjoy life.

Science knows two large types of depressions. The first type of depressions develops when brain needs biologically active substances: serotonin and noradrenaline. Second group of depressions, which is called psychogenic, proceeds in inauspicious situation in our life: death of friends and relatives, accidents, problems at work.

A lot of employers confronted by indications of depression of their workers. However, according to the information from English state development programs majority of employers suppose that frustrations and mental disorders are connected with weakness and inequality to a task. So they often prefer to get rid of such workers.

Nonetheless, other companies prefer to keep their workers and pay individual attention to them. It was proved that about 75% of all the mental diseases can be cured. So individual attention to mental health care of the worker may become advantageous for those employers. Social organizations, employers and doctors - all of them agreed on that the best decision is well-organized management. Employers should pay particular attention to each worker. They should be ready for repartition or changing of duties if it is necessary.

However, there is no necessity for special guarding of people with mental disorders. They should not be closely watched. Mental health care from the side of employers must be rational. Most of mental disorders are impermanent. Even people with serious diseases can work, if they are watched over by the doctor. But in this case an employer should be ready for periodic putting them on a sick leave.

Some companies care of mental health of their workers by establishing special supporting programs. Using them a worker may make a hot line call or consult a mental health therapist. To achieve success employers should be interested in maintenance of physical and mental health of their workers, their social and morale welfare. The earlier a mental disease will be caught, the easier it would be to prevent it from real depression. So mental health care is a problem that should be resolved swiftly.

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