Massage training starts with studies of anatomy and physiology

Massage training can be different depending on the specialization you have chosen. You can perform infant massage, sports massage or Indian massage. Traditionally students study such disciplines as anatomy and physiology. As most of massage therapists are self-employed today, massage programs include practical business studies in order to help the practitioner be successful in the modern marketplace.
It is interesting to know that law does not presuppose any qualification requirements to the work of a massage therapist. There are some awarding bodies which offer massage courses. Massage training usually involves courses with 100-150 hours of theoretical studies, treatments that are controlled by a tutor or assessor and a written exam. Traditionally massage training includes studies of physiology and anatomy. The studies are usually taken before studying the basic massage techniques. It is also necessary for a student to learn safety and health as well as his own posture while performing massage. As most of massage therapists are self-employed, massage training usually provides students with practical business skills. Traditionally massage training is performed during some days or weekends and is accompanied by the assignments which are given between the classes. It is necessary to mention the fact that massage programs differ depending on the specialization you have chosen. For example, if you are going to become an infant or baby massage specialist, or a sports massage specialist, you will have to take further courses in this sphere. Massage therapy education has become very popular during the last 20 years. There are massage positions in hotels, spas, salons and private healthcare. So, first of all it is necessary to get some experience in your specialization. And only after that it is possible to learn some other forms of massage, such as reflexology, aromatherapy and remedial massage. Today the majority of massage therapists are self-employed. The charges vary considerably. They can be from £20 to £45 for an hour depending on the clients and location. A massage therapist without experience can earn about £10,000 a year. An experienced therapist can earn from £15,000 to £30,000 a year. Both can also receive tips form the clients and commission for beauty products sale. So, what is the work of a massage therapist like? He works with his feet, elbows and hands. There are a lot of massage systems, but most of them are used to help emotional and physical problems. There are a lot of massage therapists who use the holistic approach because they consider that personal and emotional problems lead to different physical conditions such as tension and stiffness. Body massage is the common type. It is also called a Swedish massage. It covers the whole body. There are different types of massage. For example, Indian massage focuses on using certain techniques and oils to relax the face, head, shoulders and neck. Sports massage concentrates on the treatment of sprains, broken limbs and torn ligament. Baby massage is aimed at strengthening and calming the immune system of the child bringing benefits both to the baby and the parents. Before starting a massage the therapist is supposed to take the detailed medical history of the client, asking him about his lifestyle and health in order to assess any potential conditions and problems.
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