Lemon balm herb has received widespread cultivation due to its extensive medicinal application

Lemon balm herb is nowadays a very popular garden plant. The reason for this is quite understandable - its humble but pretty white flowers and unique lemony fragrance are very appealing to gardeners. Moreover, the leaves, stems and flowers of lemon balm plants are very valuable for their healing properties. To touch upon the numerous lemon balm oil benefits the following must be mentioned: it assists digestion, provides considerable relief in case of indigestion pains and bloating, cures light forms of insomnia and anxiety disorders.

Lemon balm herb belongs to the Labiatae family and is characterized by the perennial growing pattern. It can either be grown from seeds or from stem cuttings. It is often used as a garden plant because of its beautiful white flowers and pleasant smell.

Placed in rich and moist soil, lemon herb plants grow profusely and spread rapidly. An average plant reaches the height of about 75 centimeters. Its small white flowers are very attractive to bees due to their intense smell. Originally lemon balm herb was encountered in different regions of Southern Europe and Middle East. Some nations found a very curious application for it - lemon balm plants were utilized as fragrant strewing material for floors.

From the dawn of its history lemon balm plant was also used in tea, attributing it a peculiar and subtle shade of taste. The invaluable medicinal properties of the lemon balm herb have been known and extensively made use of since the Middle Ages. Lemon balm oil benefits find their application in numerous cases owing to the rich chemical composition of the substance. The medicines, produced on the basis of the lemon balm herb, prove potent in healing neurotic diseases, indispositions of the digestive system as well as treating insomnia. Further lemon balm herb benefits work wonders in ameliorating the quality of memory and extending the attention span. Volatile oils, such as citronellal and citrals A and B, which are constitutive parts of the lemon balm herb chemical composition, possess certain sedative properties, which have been proved in course of experiments. Along with calming effects substantial intake of lemon balm herb medication may induce sleep. Yet lemon balm herb is irreplaceable in case of urinary, menstrual, gastrointestinal and other kinds of pains. Provided wise dosage it is sure to bring fast relief.

Another research proves aromatherapy using lemon balm herb to work wonders with the mood and brain activity. Thus, the delicate smell is not only pleasant, but also very useful for health. Despite the fact that the experiments involving lemon balm herb are somewhat inconclusive, its general positive effect on the human organism has been proved. It does help the muscles to relax, thus relieving the cramps, it also influences the activity of the endocrine glands and in case of their overactivity it blocks their ability to release hormones into the human body, thus preventing harmful excess. It has been consequently implemented to cure the corresponding diseases. Mention must be made of the powers, demonstrated by lemon balm herb in healing herpes and other viruses. Local application of it has stopped fungal and bacterial activity, prevented the infection in the sore from further spreading and promoted rapid healing.

However, along with medicine, lemon balm herb is also used in cookery, for example, in lamb and pork stuffing, roast chicken, vegetable salads, as well as in delicious tea and fruit drinks, and many other tasteful dishes.

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