Legend About Acupuncture Treatment

A thousand years of supervision and practical experiments became the basis for the development of science of acupuncture. It has active points and power channels that connect them - and this forms the basis on which the method of treatment has been developed and used with success by experts in this field of Chinese medicine. The legend "goes" to stories about acupuncture treatment, even in ancient times, telling how the person learned about the connection between separate points on the body and various processes in his body. Then, this knowledge was developed into acupuncture.

China is considered to be the native land of acupuncture, but, the Chinese cannot attribute "exclusive rights" to the use of reflexotherapy. Other countries also have various applications of this method, too. It is possible to approve confidently, however,  that methods of acupuncture have received the widest application in the countries of the East. It also appears that the Chinese medicine is credited with this "Chinese method of treatment."

Experts in the field tried to preserve from one generation to the next all the experience learned by trial and error. This information about acupuncture treatment included how acupuncture treatment could be used for the treatment of illnesses, and how it could be further developed and its use increased. By means of acupuncture it is possible to cure any functional disease (i.e. that illness at which there was no regeneration of tissue in an organism). But also in the case of organic changes, the probability is appreciably high to be able to help the patient.

It is probably not about curing a disease completely but to improve the health condition considerably. For centuries 'acupuncturists" have been observing the revolution of the seasons, the phases of the moon, and time of day, paying attention to how, in connection with a season, the condition of the person varies and then they created the various forecasts about acupuncture treatment.

At the end of 1970, the World Organization of Public Health Services recognized the ability of acupuncture and East medicine to cure almost four dozen of the general illnesses, including illnesses such as: neuralgia, sleeplessness, respiratory frustration, and gastroenteric frustration. Now acupuncture is widely distributed and applied in many countries of the world where one of the conducting places in preventive and medical medicine is allocated.

This method is being improved day by day and it is gaining in popularity. It is well known about acupuncture treatment that during the process the disease is regarded as a pathological process in which the whole organism being indivisible is inevitably involved, and during the infringement of function of one body, the functions of other bodies and systems are inevitably and quite naturally broken.

On our bodies invisible channels, which are referred to as meridians, are constantly flowing. Energy in an organism of a person circulates in them. Points are places on the body of a person where energy in channels rises close to the surface of the skin. There are 12 main meridians and along them more than 400 points of acupuncture are placed. When energy freely flows through meridians, the body is healthy and balanced. But if energy is blocked, it is expressed in a painful physical, intellectual and emotional condition.

Owning to techniques of acupuncture, the therapist can effectively operate the balance of power systems, prevent illnesses and restore health. For example, in treating arthritis with acupuncture, the sharp condition is cured during one rate (10-12 sessions of acupuncture). Unfortunately, not always it is possible to cure completely chronic defeat of joints as the degree of change depends on safety of his structure. However, it is possible always to facilitate a condition of the patient and to increase the volume of movement.

2-3 rates are usually carried out till 10-12 sessions are accomplished for everyone within one year. After the first rate the patient will feel simplification. In a case of hypertension, which doctors have called "the invisible murderer," there is weariness. The insidiousness of this illness is that in most cases it proceeds imperceptibly for the patient. Eventually the illness progresses and the condition of the patient also worsens. All treatment in both cases is directed not only to the basic problem, but also to accompanied diseases which have led to the formation of

In traditional Chinese medicine they say about acupuncture treatment: "Maximum skill in acupuncture considers to live a healthy and long life".

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