Learn the Basic Tantric Yoga Types

The person who wants to learn the basic tantric yoga types, should give his all to yoga, all time, all forces, all ideas, feelings and promptings. He should aspire to harmonize himself, to lead to unity, to develop "I", to protect him from impulses of moods and the desires. He should force all forces to serve one purpose to study white tantric yoga and red tantric yoga.

The yoga demands complete concentration and it helps, specifying the best ways as it to achieve. For each sort of activity, the tantric yoga types help to define conditions.

Studying of yoga is impossible with that incoherence of ideas, desires and feelings in which the usual person lives. The white tantric yoga demands all people, all time, all energy, all ideas and feelings, all his life. Only the karma yoga allows the person to remain in usual conditions of a life. All other tantric yoga types demand immediate and full leaving from a life, even for some time.

To study yogas, except for karma yoga, in usual conditions of a life it is impossible. Similarly, it is impossible to study red tantric yoga without the teacher, without his constant and continuous supervision over the pupil. The person, who hopes to learn yoga, having read some books, will deeply be disappointed. In the book, in a written statement, it is impossible to transfer the person practical knowledge - all depends on work with the teacher and on his own work above itself.

Overall aim of tantric yoga types is change of the person, expansion of its consciousness. In a basis of all tantric yoga types there are few simple lays, namely: the person by whom it is given birth and lives, there is a unfinished and imperfect essence which, however, can be changed and developed by means of corresponding training and training.

From the point of view of yoga, the person is a material above which it is possible and it is necessary to work. It concerns, mainly, to a private world of the person, to his consciousness, mentality, mental faculties, knowledge which, according to the doctrine of yoga, it is possible to change, release completely from usual restrictions and to strengthen up to a degree surpassing any imagination.

Due to this, the person receives new opportunities with the help of tantric yoga types, such as knowledge of true and new forces for overcoming obstacles in the way, whence they would not appear. Further, it concerns to physical body of the person, which is studied and is gradually put under the control of mind and consciousness over those functions, which usually the person does not understand at all. Disclosing of the maximum consciousness is the purpose of all yoga.

Moving ahead by yoga, the person will reach a condition of ecstasy, or enlightenments in which it is unique it is possible to comprehend true. The Bhatia yoga is yoga of a religious way. The Bhatia yoga teaches how to trust, how to pray how to achieve rescue. The yoga can be applied to any religion as for it there are no distinctions between religions; there is only an idea of a religious way. Therefore, everything that the person reaches on a way of yoga has no any value from the terrestrial point of view and cannot be used for achievement of earthly blessings.

Impossibility to prove to another existence of that it does not experience emotionally, forced to teach that yoga is best of all ways of yoga, as it does not demand proofs. Yoga addresses directly to a feeling, pulling together those people, who do not equally think and equally feel.

Only by mastering this will you be ready to begin the true journey to enlightenment.

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