Keep a Sharp Eye Open for Kidney Cancer Symptoms

Kidney cancer occupies the 10th place in the hierarchy of the sickness rate among malignant neoplasms in the world, which makes up approximately 3% out of all other diseases. The predominant group running the risk of getting such a diagnosis is people over 40. Men acquire kidney cancer twice as often as women. Its rates are so high because people ignore kidney cancer symptoms, which lead in future to a serious kidney cancer pathology causing death.

What are we doing when we feel tired too often, experience unexplained fever, notice that we rapidly lose our weight or have unrelieved pain in the side? Ignore the symptoms? Worry about them? Don't notice them? Let them last for days, weeks, months or even years? Diagnose them? Searching for their causes? Cure them?

Yes, some of us go to the doctor but some prefer treating themselves on their own means at home, not even suspecting that it can be kidney cancer symptoms. And those who don't go to a doctor unfortunately build the majority. Of course, such symptoms can appear to be relatively innocent ones being the result of hard work, stress, simple infection etc and do not obligatory mean cancer. But it is strongly recommended to see a doctor while having such symptoms in order to be able to trace and to treat any health problem caused by them.

So, do not hesitate to see a doctor if you experience such possible kidney cancer symptoms as: a decrease of weight, fatigue, fever, blood in the urine, a swell in the side, high blood pressure and varicose veins. Doctors also recommend practically too all healthy people to make the ultrasound investigation of kidneys more often, because the appearance of kidney cancer symptoms is a witness of not an initial stage of this disease. In this case it is necessary to consult the urologist and to pass blood or urine tests.

But so often we just miss the very beginning of a disease making it unable to stop its further spreading, stealing hope for a successful treatment and finally leading to kidney cancer pathology. This fact may lead to a radical nephrectomy, which means the removal of the whole kidney. Such a procedure deeply affects the life of a person with a kidney cancer diagnosis. This person simply becomes unable to live his or her full life, being limited in all spheres starting from restrictions in food up to the inability to work.

Sometimes people, having already lost one kidney, take the risk to lose the second one and so they spend a lot of time in hospitals waiting for their turn to be operated. Some of them are even waiting for a kidney, which is going to save their lives. That is why more and more cases of kidney stealing are appearing. More and more people become invalids because of that. Moreover, people are being offered to sell their organs for money. And very often operations of such kind are being held by the low-educated doctors and in conditions that are not designed for such vitally complicated procedures.

Kidney cancer causes can be various: smoking, heavy water, exposure to cadmium and asbestos, obesity. The saddest thing is that in some cases we can do nothing to eliminate them. For instance, it is impossible to avoid contact with water, which we use every day and which contains heavy substances harmful for kidneys. The only possible way out of this problem is to diminish the kidney cancer risk factors by leading a healthy life-style or at least not to stop trying to aim to it, and of course not to forget to be very attentive to your health in order not to let kidney cancer symptoms slip till it is too late.

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