Junior Day Camps - Great Preparation for Young Sportsmen

Preparation of sportsmen begins in the earliest childhood. Usually sports talent in a child is considered appreciable from the beginning of training, however sometimes it happens that a child with quite modest or hidden talent but with diligence and persistence achieves significant success. It pays to admit that for the preparation of a sportsman persistence and diligence of both the sportsman and the trainer are much more important than various knacks. Recently sports junior day camps have become especially popular for children to get prepared for the big sports.

At junior day camps, children receive a set of useful and necessary skills, and not only in sports but also communication. Most tennis organizations usually have their own junior day camps. However, each camp has its features and differences. Some junior day camps in their basis place a special emphasis on the development of game techniques, at other camps detailed attention is paid to tactical and strategic aspects of game in tennis.

One of the most well-known tennis organizations, the International Tennis Academy of the USA, is well known for training its trainers. Trainers have to take care of children, their pupils, and rooms of the camps where they stay at all day and night long. One of the basic purposes of the camp is to promote comprehensive development of pupils and not just to teach them to play tennis professionally.

The sports program of junior day camps will consist of four interconnected directions: technical, tactical, physical and psychological. Superioir tennis instructors try to develop in every pupil various skills and techniques so that every player could pick up his own style. Studying techniques and tactics of the game, students study to operate professionally at any moment, whether it is submission or reciprocal throw. Besides, here students are taught to develop a special system of trainings to move on court. Psychological preparation creates the own unique system of a player, which purpose is to teach players to think and not just to operate: to put concrete purposes to be able to operate time, to feel mood of the contender during the game to supervise movements of his own body. And, certainly, to be able to have a rest and to relax.

At junior day camps the special principle of collective training is used: the thing is that pupils are engaged with different superior tennis instructors. Every superior tennis instructor possesses his own unique skills and techniques, tactics and strategy of the game and he can pass all his knowledge to pupils. Distinguished manners and methods of teaching help the trainer to find so-called "golden middle" and to develop his own tactics of behavior during the game.

However, the special system which allows watching practices at the camp; helps students not to get confused in different techniques. Therefore one of the primary goals of a superior tennis instructor is to work as one team. Thus for each student a plan of trainings is developed individually. At the camp trainers consider that such approach allows to notice successes of every player or in due time to correct mistakes.

One of the innovations introduced by the management of the camp is to record games and trainings on video. These records help students very much. In video record it is precisely visible each impact, each movement. Analyzing their own game, students learn to control their behavior on court.

The additional positive moment in the training of teenagers and youth at such camps is the presence of the special balanced diet especially designed for young sportsmen. Young sportsmen receive lunch and dinner according to the special sports diet made by doctors and dieticians so that the future stars of the world tennis receive at junior day camps not only vocational training but also correct meals.

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