The number of articles about reflexology is increasing

Many people have heard about reflexology - that way of therapy is used when there are many contraindications for other methods. In most cases reflexologist works with hands, feet and parts of the body where so-called "energy paths" are interconnected. Besides reflexes in feet some reflexologists work with reflexes in ears applying slight pressure but these cases are rare.
These days so-called natural healing methods are getting more and more popular. These methods and techniques are usually also called "alternative" medicine. But in such countries like China or India this alternative medicine is considered to be traditional. All these methods have been used for centuries there. Such a long use of these techniques has proved their great effectiveness and that is why many developed countries started to use these methods in medical practice.

One of the natural healing techniques is acupuncture. You, probably, have heard about reflexology. It is pretty close to traditional Chinese technique of acupuncture. On the internet you can find a great number of different resources about reflexology and closely related subjects. But although there is a great amount of information on reflexology it is not that easy to find a reflexology specialist. And it is even harder to find educational institution that teaches such specialists.

The best thing about reflexology is that this technique is not harmful for the patient. In modern medicine a great number of different medications is used and these medications usually have dangerous side effects. And reflexology can be used in cases when other treatment methods have different contraindications. The main goal of reflexology is to affect "energy path" - there are certain dots on the patients` body where all these energy paths are interconnected. To hands, feet and parts of the body where energy paths are joined gentle pressure is applied to treat different symptoms. In most of the cases reflexologist works with reflexes in feet or hands of the patients. In rare cases dots on ears or the patient's back are used.

There are not so many schools or colleges where you can learn the profession of reflexologist. Usually in different medical institutes reflexology courses are added to nurses programs. So, to choose a place to learn and find more about reflexology you`d better check the internet - there you will find educational institutions that offer reflexology programs. Different sorts of reflexologist courses can also be found there. There are also different sorts of certification in the field and each country has a national committee or national association of reflexologist that performs all the certification procedures.

And what about earnings in the sector of reflexology? Usually most of the reflexologists are self-employed so their payment depends on the number of their clients. One reflexology procedure lasts for about 40-50 minutes and costs about $30-$60. So, the year income of the qualified reflexologist would be around $15000. Of course, there are high professional specialists in the field that earn up to $50000 a year and even more.

For the reflexologist there are also different opportunities to work in hospitals and natural health centers. So, today you can meet different sorts of openings for employment on the reflexology but still such job positions are rare. Be prepared to work part-time until you build your own practice.
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