Invest in Permanent Eyebrows and Lips and You'll Never have to Spend Time in Front of the Mirror Again!

Permanent makeup is a good method to maintain the desired shape of your lips, eyebrows and eyelids for several years. It is also a method of shape correcting and enhancement. A treatment of permanent makeup depends on several factors: skin structure, its renovation and some external factors like the effects of the sun. The most frequent and effective permanent makeup is permanent eyebrows and lips.

Permanent makeup is also called tattoo makeup, cosmetic tattoo makeup and micro-pigmentation. It's a cosmetic procedure when the pigment is injected in subcuticular of lips, eyelashes, eyelids. The pigment doesn't fade for at least three to five years. The paints used for permanent makeup have a mineral base and do not cause allergy.

Permanent makeup helps to correct the shape of lips and eyebrows, to clear the lines, to correct fuzzy line. The form is performed beforehand. For the best result, the cosmetologist draws the form for the permanent makeup and the woman wears this makeup for some time, for example, for several hours or even for two days, and sees if she likes this variant and then the pigment is injected in subcuticular according to the drawn form and she has the permanent makeup.

The permanent eyebrows and lips are the most popular. Just ask Michael Jackson. The advantages of a permanent makeup are the following.

The permanent makeup is indelible, so the woman can easily go to a swimming pool, sauna, have a shower and does not worry about her makeup, a regular forming of eyebrows is not needed. A permanent makeup allows creating an effect of thick or thin eyebrows etc, it allows a shape correcting especially it concerns lips. A permanent makeup procedure allows changing its shape, outline, etc.

Furthermore, a permanent makeup may include birthmark or freckles that look practically natural, the woman does not need to make an everyday makeup and safe her time, the permanent makeup also solves the problem of pore occlusion and skin irritation that may occur when a woman uses usual decorative cosmetics.

Usually a permanent makeup of eyelids keeps safe for five years and for permanent eyebrows and lips the period is shorter from one to three years. Permanent eyebrows and lips keep only for one year if the woman is young and has regular sunbath. The color brightness and strength also prolong the period of permanent makeup. The brighter the color the longer the permanent makeup keeps safe.

The duration of the permanent makeup procedure depends on its complexity and type. Usually it takes 1.5 or 2 hours. Modern anesthesia techniques allow having a comfort and painless procedure. Especially it concerns permanent eyebrows and lips. Nowadays permanent makeup of eyebrows and lips is performed using the anesthesia of the contact type.

The regenerative process is not very long. Typical lips` healing takes anywhere from five to seven days. And you'll find that just a few hours after the procedure is finished, you can eat, speak, and perform oral sex. All the activities you normally do in your day-to-day life.

Surely the areas of tattoo makeup need a special cure during the regenerative process. Its duration depends on the age and may continue two days or one week. After the permanent makeup procedure the crust develops. It looks like a scratch and develops at point of the pigment injection. It is not recommended to scratch them or to wet or to over dry them. Otherwise the pigment will not assimilate properly. It is better to forbear from sauna, sports, strong drinks and sunbath. When the recovery period ends you do not need any special procedures. A permanent makeup aims at making easier you life and saving your time.

A permanent makeup has some contradictions as all the cosmetic procedures. First of all, it concerns insular diabetes, bronchial asthma, dermatoses. Permanent makeup of lips is not performed on a woman who is pregnant or has herpes.

Permanent makeup removing needs special education and skills. Not all the specialists of permanent makeup are qualified to perform this procedure. A permanent makeup removing procedure is repeated at intervals of 3-4 weeks and the removing area should be smaller than 5-6 centimeters in diameter.

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