Interior Designer and Decorator Jobs - If You Study Success Will Come

Interior designer and decorator jobs seem to be similar, but they are quite different. Probably the biggest difference between designer and decorator is their education and qualification. A designer may have no special designing education, while an interior designer must have consistent knowledge in domains like drafting, building-codes, lighting and space planning.

Many people tend to confuse interior designer and decorator jobs. They seem to be similar, but there is a significant difference between them. An interior designer works with architecture in order to create a comfortable, healthy, and functional space, while the decorator is only limited at finishing procedures, like painting, carpeting and so on. So, the designer considers both aesthetical and functional properties of an interior, while decorator is usually concentrating only on visual effects.

Probably the main difference between designer and decorator consists in their educational levels. A decorator doesn't necessary have to be accredited or licensed, usually being self-taught, basing more on his taste than on knowledge. A designer is a specifically trained and qualified person. He must have strong knowledge in different domains, including safety and building-codes, space planning, drafting, color effects and combinations, lighting, furniture styles and history, and many more.

When working on a project the designer must consider a lot of important factors like air circulation and conditioning, illumination, space functionality, and so on. Interior designer and decorator jobs are in a great demand, because people tend to a constant change of their environment. Interior designer and decorator salary and career are quite variable. Career depends on education, skills, experience and demand.

Interior designing firms usually have not more than five employees. But there are also big corporations with more than 100 employees. The average salary for a beginner is about $30,000 per year. Principals, managers and owners of big successful firms may earn more than $100,000. Graduated interior designers prefer starting their careers as employees at an interior design firm. Their salary will basically depend on the number of projects they are capable of finishing in a certain period of time.

Usually designers work on three-four projects during a week. This kind of work requires the ability to concentrate on various problems and deal with multiple tasks simultaneously. A type of interior designing is important at this point. For example, a designer will earn more when working on a residential project, than on a commercial one. On the other hand, commercial projects require less time to be finished and a designer is capable of working on more projects during a week.

After achieving some experience and reputation many designers start their own interior designing business. They usually open small firms and after a year or two of activity are starting to extend them, hiring an assistant or several designers. Employment opportunities for interior designer and decorator jobs depend most of all on the economical situation of the region. Better is economical situation of the population bigger is the demand for interior designers.

Interior designer and decorator jobs are interesting, creative, and useful, as designers help us create original, beautiful, practical and healthy environments.

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