Infertility treatments raise hopes

Infertility has always been a great trouble for the humanity and very often it became a family's tragedy. However, the problem of inability to have a child can be solved now with infertility treatments. Fortunately, medicine is developing fast, and now there are a lot of infertility medications and infertility drugs able to treat men and women and endow a couple with the desired pregnancy.

For a very long time infertility meant that a family would never have the most important treasure of family life - a baby. Thanks to science development people can no longer be so much troubled with the problem. Many clinics all over the world now offer qualified and reliable infertility treatments and in most cases the results are positive. A great number of men and women all over the world now have a chance to enjoy their being happy parents after simple taking some infertility drugs or other kind of infertility medication.

Infertility is the inability to conceive, when woman cannot become pregnant, while having regular sex with her partner and without using contraceptives. Infertility may be caused by problems in woman as well as in man. So, if a couple cannot conceive, both partners should be tested by doctor. There is a number of different infertility treatments developed for men and women.

There is an established period for a couple to start suspecting infertility in one of the partners. If they are having sex for only few months there is no reason to trouble. The disease is likely to be found, if there is no pregnancy after one year of living together. Doctors usually advise to wait some time to couples which have smaller period. The exception is made only for couples where partners are 30 years and more. Waiting a year may be too long for them to have a healthy baby. They are usually prescribed infertility medication after six months.

Even after a year without pregnancy there is no reason to begin intense infertility treatments at once. May be the inability to conceive is caused by the factors not connected with health directly. Very often women cannot fertile, because they merely do not have sex in their ovulation time. The only thing needed in this case is to count the ovulation days.

If infertility is caused by some health problems, doctors prescribe one of the kinds of infertility treatments depending on the specific of disease. There are two basic infertility treatments usually offered in clinics: infertility drugs and surgical treatment.

Infertility drugs are used for women's treatment. They are targeted at stimulation of woman's organism to eggs production and release. Infertility medications which are taken in this case are clomiphene, - which is the most popular and the most traditionally used, bromocriptine, gonadotropins and GnRH. These medications stimulate ovulation in woman and help in many cases. Some of these drugs are also used to treat male infertility. Surgical treatment is used in more complicated cases such as urinary of fallopian tubes and other problems which need surgery.

The infertility treatments, if used in time and in right way, help in most cases. However, women that have had such a treatment to become pregnant are more likely to bear infant with lower weight. Still babies often recover fast and grow up healthy.

Infertility drugs also increase the possibility of multiple pregnancy. It is a problem for doctors, because women that passed infertility treatment are highly vulnerable to different complications, which can emerge during childbirth especially, if there are more than one infant. But statistic is still optimistic providing that in majority of cases infertility treatments lead to successful pregnancy and childbirth.

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