Implementation of Successful Teeth Grinding Treatment

More than 80 per cent of men and women age 40 and above suffer from some sort of pathological teeth damage. It is caused not only by cavities and changes in the body. The teeth are damaged if the jaw is not properly aligned on its top and bottom. This location is called an occlusion. But if the person suffers from teeth grinding (bruxism) damage of the occurs at a quicker rate. Here we present possible causes of bruxism, teeth grinding treatment, including night guard devices and a look at the NTI device.

Teeth grinding or bruxism is a disorder when the masticatory muscles contracted during the night, the jaws are pressed and teeth clench. The rate of the disease is 2 per cent. It can happen at early age or when you are adult. Teeth grinding causes are not clearly defined. Someone believes that it is related to the helminth, a defect of the facial skeleton, malocclusion or joint pathology.

Other dental surgeons feel that teeth grinding is a result of some mental or psychological disorders or environmental condition. But nowadays this opinion is not proven. Probably, it appears because teeth grinding and clenching often are accompanied by some mental disorders and epilepsy.

Beside the unpleasant sounds teeth grinding is dangerous for the teeth condition. It can cause cavities, dentin abrasion, enamel damage, etc. It is the result of teeth damage during teeth clenching.

Successful implementation of teeth grinding treatment is very difficult. Even nowadays. Because it is difficult to define the cause of bruxism. If the bruxism is caused by epilepsy or cerebropathy it is necessary to cure these disorders. If the bruxism appears at infancy, then teeth grinding treatment is not needed. The disorder will usually stop at the age of 6 or 7.

Bruxism can be caused by dental problem or malocclusion. Then the teeth grinding treatment includes elimination of these defects by using a rubber or plastic defensive applicator. These are fixed between teeth to prevent teeth damage. Teeth grinding treatment can be added by calcium and magnum preparation and vitamins B. These medications intake can prevent convulsive activity of masticatory muscles.

Today, French dentists offer a new method to create an ideal occlusion. Their know-how allows eliminating the occlusion defects and provides the even load by filling up the missing tooth tissues by special patented plastic material. Its quality is very high and it can imitate natural teeth.

If the patient follows these recommendations after the treatment then the teeth abrasion process stops, the smile becomes natural and nice, and the face becomes younger because the face oval is corrected as the result of the treatment.

French scientists believe that malocclusion may result in migraine, joint, muscles and back pains. It happens because chewing needs a work of several muscles groups and all of them are overloaded. And when an ideal occlusion is modeled then the pain stops.

Teeth grinding treatment may also offer to use the night guard devices or NTI device. The NTI device is used during the night and prevents enamel damage. It keeps the teeth apart and prevents teeth grinding and clenching. Such devices can help to save your from head, neck and shoulder pain that is caused by teeth grinding during the night.

The masticatory muscles as well as facial muscles relax when such the devices are used. But the night guard device usage cannot eliminate the cause of the teeth grinding, so it cannot be called a full treatment. But as we have already said the causes of teeth clenching are difficult to be defined so the night guard devices or NTI device usage can prevent the further problems resulted from bruxism i.e. enamel damage, etc.

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