What about beautiful eyelashes? Use many types of brushes of Indian ink to understand which one is more effective for you!

Every woman spends much time in front of the mirror during the day. Every day she stands up and does her make-up to be fascinating. The most important elements of the decorative cosmetics are mascara and lipsticks. So, there are some types of brushes: lip brush, eyebrush. Every type makes the face fine-looking and presents much pleasant emotions each day.
Everybody knows that near 50% of our planet are women. This great amount of the fair sex is very strong and beautiful. Their beauty shines every day in every corner of our big world. Women give happiness, love and beauty to their surrounding. They charm men, they make the world prettier and they shine like the sun during the day and like the stars at nights.

Every woman wants to be beautiful all her life. She wants to be the best one. From the childhood every girl dreams of being a pretty lady with slim beautiful figure, shining face with nice eyes, lips and red cheeks. Little girls from 5-6 years begin to take their mothers' cosmetics and color their eyes and lips with Indian inks, lipsticks and so on. So, from the deep childhood each girl dreams to be a woman.

Of course, this dream always comes true, because year by year she grows from a little girl into a good-looking miss, who wants to be fascinating and who wants to charm every boy with her beauty. Each girl is individual. She has her own priorities, her merits and demerits. She wants to hide her bad qualities and tries to show her merits in the most expressive way.

Every day while walking along the streets every man can see a lot of fantastically pretty women. Each of them asks a question: "What helps women to look so dazzling every day?" They don't know where the answer is. But it is very simple. Women can look so beautiful due to their natural beauty and due to a lot of makeup preparations. There are decorative cosmetics and cosmetics for the face care, or as it is called face-care cosmetics.

Now we are ready to tell you about decorative cosmetics, which makes every girl so admiring and fine. You should use lipsticks, mascaras, cosmetic sticks for eyes and lips and so on. We want to concentrate your attention on your eyes. So, if you wish your eyes to be nice and expressive you have to use the mascara and makeup brushes..

Every girl and every woman has to know that there are different types of brushes. Well, eye brush is a very individual cosmetic instrument. It can be long or short, straight or salient, slim or thick. These types of brushes have different effects. For example, straight and thick eye brushes make eyelashes longer, while salient eye brushes have swirling effect. There is one of the types of brushes of the mascara, which crushes eyelashes.

Some types of brushes can make from short and little eyelashes long and beautiful ones. Special eyebrush can make eyelashes fluffy with 2 strokes of eye brush. Max Factor advertisement says that their mascara with special eye brush makes eyelashes in 5 times fluffier than a usual one. You can find many colors and tones of mascara, but the most popular are black, brown and blue. It is also white color but it is used only in medical aims.

Lip brush is a special element of every woman's make-up. Lip brushes can be fluffy, short and long. If you want your lips to be big and pearl-shining, you should use fluffy lip brush. There are many lipsticks with brushes nowadays. You can use them to make your lips more expressive and sun-shining. There are many tones and colors of lipsticks for every woman.

So, different types of brushes give different effect to your eyes and lips and your face at all. Choose the right cosmetics and be beautiful every single day!
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