If you have decided to be engaged in yoga you know yoga precautions

If you have decided to be engaged in yoga, first of all it is necessary for you to get familiar with yoga precautions. The group for beginners is not only intended for beginners but also those people who can't be in a group with more difficult exercises for some reasons. Therefore, before you start doing elementary yoga exercises for beginners you have to read all of the items that describe the conditions of their implementation and then observe them.

Because you are a beginner with yoga your complex of exercises will include no difficult poses, positions, exercises, and therefore, on the first stage you should know the basic yoga precautions that are connected with the main conditions of exercise implementation and include recommendations for weak patients.

All yoga precautions must be fulfilled. Otherwise, the result will be that you will feel some discomfort at the implementation of exercises and sometimes it can cause injuries.

Therefore, the first basic yoga precaution claims that all exercises should be done on an empty stomach. You should begin doing the exercises not earlier then in three or four hours after having a meal. You may only drink when you are thirsty or forty minutes after exercising. You should not follow any diets but it is advisable to eat balanced and vegetarian foods, avoid greasy food, use less sugar, and don't drink any alcohol.

The place where you choose to do your yoga exercises and poses should be comfortable for you, the air should be fresh, and there should not be any extra smells such as smoke or any other extra smell. Don't do the exercises near the furniture, fire, or somewhere that can prevent you from falling. Also, there should be no electrical devices near you.

Also, don't forget that the clothes that you are doing many different poses in should be comfortable and free. Otherwise, you will not be able to achieve the desired results. Pay attention that the floor that you do the asanas on is plain and not cold. You should understand that yoga precautions will help you prevent injuries so you must follow them. It is mandatory that you do it.

For people who have some problems with your health, there are some weak patients recommendations. The yoga precautions for these people differ from the yoga basic precautions but not by that much. Besides implementing the weak patients recommends, it goes without saying that you should maintain all the basic yoga precautions. But, your exercises should be a bit easier.

Also, if you suffer from any disease, then you should follow the dietary limitations associated with that disease. The most desirable time for beginners to do yoga exercises is in the afternoon or the evening when the joints are flexible. It isn't recommended to do any exercises in the early morning. By the way, it is easier to do yoga exercises after having a bath. But, if you wish to take a bath or shower after exercising, then you should wait at least twenty minutes.

Usually, it is recommended that weak patients engage in Hatha yoga. It is the type of yoga in which most of the exercises are done in a standing position and none of the exercises are done in a sitting position. People also breathe in a special way that allows them to relax and mediate while they are exercising. If your physical condition is weak, you should stretch before exercising.

People who have had fractures of their bones and also have suffered from chronic diseases should consult a yoga instructor or a doctor before doing any sort of yoga exercises.

At the beginning of practicing yoga don't do any head stands or any cross legged positions. Try not to be too tired after doing some yoga exercises. These are the most important yoga precautions and you must follow them all.

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