How Can You Treat Your Chapped Lips? Avoid Causes of Chapped Lips

Chapped lips seem to be a present problem for everyone who suffers from them. You are limited in grimaces and emotions that your face wants to show off. It is very important that because of this problem that you control your emotions, both positive and negative, in order to not cause yourself any pain. At this moment you might be asking yourself, why I haven't treated my problem lips before.

You would like to share your smile with the people around you, but as it turns out, it causes you bad and painful feelings. The reason is that your lips have become rough, chapped, and covered with a crust. Bleeding and chapped lips are very painful and lipstick lays down just awful on them. In general, you need to write the announcement, help with a smile.

Very often there is just not one problem and it turns out to be more than one problem Therefore, begin with the correct diagnosis of the causes of chapped lips and we should consider adequate measures of influence, for example, we should use preventive methods and care. And if it is necessary, we should start treating our lips.

The first and most basic problem is dry skin. The skin on your lips has no sebaceous glands and has three-five layers unlike the skin on your body, which is twice as thick and, accordingly, more protected than the former. For this reason, our lips are inclined to more dried and chapped more than other parts of the body, especially in winter. However, in summer, you shouldn't forget your lips either because lips don't contain melanin, which is a pigment that protects our skin from the dangerous rays of the hot sun. Let's consider other reasons and factors which also influence our lips and help get those chapped and crusts, and feeling of pain on our faces.

There are many probable causes of chapped lips. One of the reasons for chapped lips is whether conditions because it is frosty, windy, chilly, or hot and sunny. The second one of the causes of chapped lips is dry air that radiators and air conditioners may cause. The third cause is improper cosmetics. For example, long wearing lipsticks don't wipe off dry from the skin. These lipsticks don't allow the skin to breathe because they contain silicone and lanolin, which creates on the skin an impenetrable film that is both unpleasant and insalubrious.

The forth cause of chapped lips is cleaning your skin wrong. Please say no to soap and water and say yes to special means for removing make up this means without daintiness for usual lipsticks and special for stable lipsticks.

The fifth and last cause of chapped lips is the habit of licking your lips because evaporating moisture dries them out more.

Here are methods to avoid the causes of chapped lips.

1. Get rid of bad habits, frequent lip licking.
2. Don't breathe through your mouth outdoors. This is because cold causes different problems for the skin.
3. Get an air dampener because it will be useful in any climate because the Sahara is not good for almost all organisms. It is not good for the skin or for the lungs, or humidity in many ways.
4. Use more liquids to avoid dehydration because with time it is harder for our cells to retain moisture.
5. It is necessary to change cosmetics and get rid of long lasting tubes and adding regular and fatter lipsticks.
6. Massage your lips and perform articulation exercises on a regular basis.

Massage in the evening after having cleaned your teeth and don't forget to massage your lips with a pure, barely damp, for softness, with the help of a toothbrush. If your skin is too gentle, the corner of a towel will do nicely. After that, put balm, hygienic lipstick, or a cream on your chapped lips.

Gymnastics: pronouncing the vowel sounds with feeling, try to blow like the wind, pipe, or grimace, by inflating your cheeks.

Therefore, if you improve blood circulation, then massage is a good way to clean you lips. After doing this for some time on a regular basis, you will see that the color and the state of your lips noticeably improve.

If you have the lips chapped chronic problem, and these methods that we have listed don't help your condition, please consult your doctor.

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