Homemade baby shower gifts are real hit at any party

Homemade baby shower gifts can be a real hit of the party if they are made skillfully. We offer you a recipe of a cake which is sure to become one of the most creative baby shower gifts. It is made in the form of a butterfly. You can make try some options to make the cake more attractive. You can use the same or different ingredients for the constituent cakes. The form of caterpillar can be used instead of a butterfly.
Homemade baby shower gifts are not that popular today. Traditionally, people have no time to make something with their own hands. The easiest way out is to drop in to some shop and buy something appropriate. As well, the host of the party may be rather busy and have no time for preparing all the necessary attributes of the shower. For example, the host may have no time for cooking a cake. If you are a good at baking, you can bake a nice cake which is a good representative of homemade baby shower gifts. But it is necessary to talk to the host first not to avoid showering the event with sweet homemade baby shower gifts. We want to offer you the recipe of a cute cake called a butterfly cake. To cook the cake you will need the following. It is necessary to have a special heart shaped pan for baking the cake. It will help you make the wings of the butterfly. You will also need a muffin tin with a rounded bottom. As for the ingredients you should take them for three cakes. The ingredients can be either of the same flavor or of different. You will also need enough icing for three cakes. It is also necessary to have cake decorations, food coloring, cardboard and foil. As you see, this present can be considered one of the most cheap baby shower gifts. But at the same time it is one of the most creative baby shower gifts because you are likely to be the only one to make such a present. So, the pan in the form of a heart is going to make the wings of the butterfly and the rounded muffin tins are going to make its body. First of all, it is necessary to grease the pans well. The cake will have the body of strawberry, and wings of white cake and chocolate. You should prepare the cakes according to this mix. As the heart tin is one, you will have to prepare the wings separately. You can bake the cakes a night before starting in order to let them cool completely. While baking the cakes you can take a large card board and cover it with foil. It is going to be your cake board. When the cakes are cooled and the board is ready, it is necessary to level your cakes. Use a sharp knife for that. But be careful with it. Use a knife to take off the jagged edges from the bottom of the cake. It is more important to do that with muffin tins. After that, take some icing and put it on the bottom to secure the cake to the board covered with the foil. It will make your cake steady and prevent it from moving around when you are cooking or at the party. As well, it is necessary to plan how to position this carefully before cooking the cakes. After that it is time to make the icing. You can add some color to it using food colors or buy a prepared colorful icing. Green color is good for the wings and white is perfect for the body. Ice the body before you place the wings. After you have iced and secured everything, you can decorate all this. It is quite possible to use some small candies for this purpose. In order to make the butterfly look natural you should also add an antenna and eyes and black icing will come in handy here. This funny and easy cake is going to be one of the best homemade baby shower gifts. Enjoy!
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