Hollywood's Legendary Marital Arts Masters

He was a force to be reckoned with. The minute Bruce Lee stepped in front of the camera in his first movie "Fists of Death"; film audiences knew they were seeing someone and something out of the ordinary. He could do it all - act, perform his on stunts and choreograph his own fight scenes. Of all the legendary martial arts masters, only Bruce Lee took the entertainment world by storm. His films made mega-millions overseas in his native China as well as all over the world and catapulted him into the category of superstar.

Like many stars of his generation, Bruce Lee lived fast and died young. On the brink of his first cross-over success "Enter the Dragon", his flame was snuffed out. It will never be known for sure what really caused the death of Bruce Lee; one of the most recognizable and legendary marital arts masters, but he left a body of work behind that is still talked about to this day.

Bruce Lee, one of the most famous legendary marital arts masters, was born in San Francisco in November, 1940. He had a German-Chinese mother and Chinese father. In Hong Kong he received his first lessons of Kung Fu and general education. Bruce appeared as a child in various movies because his father was an actor of Chinese opera. He picked up English, Mandarin and Cantonese languages at the young age; also he studied Wing Chun (martial art) as well.

After completing his high school education, Bruce Lee went to Seattle in 1959. After receiving a diploma from the Edison Technical School, entered the University of Washington as a philosophy major. Soon after he met his future wife, they got married after graduating in 1964. He has a son and a daughter. Unfortunately, Brandon (his son) tragically died in a shooting mishap while performing a stunt during his movie "The Crow".

Bruce Lee had the co-starring role of Kato in the television action series "The Green Hornet" which aired for one season in the 1960s. Due to the stereotypes about Chinese and Japanese, he couldn't find roles in action movies so he left the USA with his family and went to Hong Kong. Only there he started to play action roles as martial arts masters, made famous his name and became one of the legendary marital arts masters. He earned $30.000 by playing in two movies.

His martial growth and education is very interesting. At the age of 13 he began to train. His first Kung Fu teacher was a Hong Kong master, Yip Man. But Bruce Lee was unable to finish that curriculum because classes were taught to only the best pupils.

Bruce Lee was not satisfied with martial arts schools of that time ant that is why he began to create his own style, which was the base of Bruce Lee's martial school. His style - Jeet Kune Do - was based on Wing Chun with the elements of Indo-Malay Silat, Muay Thai, Panantukan, Catch Wrestling, Karate, Sikaran, Bando, Jujitsu, Judo, Aikido, and other arts. There even were elements from Western boxing and fencing.

His physical training and level of fitness was incredible, John Little collected Bruce Lee's diaries and personal notes and published them in the "Bruce Lee" library. One of his most revolutionary ideas was his initial use of electric-impulse training as a way to build muscle mass without lifting weights. Such techniques are common place today.

In 1973, Bruce Lee tragically died.  In July 1973 Bruce met producer Raymond Chow and they drove to another actress of "Game of Death" movie Betti Pei. Chow left sometime after.  Later that evening,  Bruce Lee felt a headache and Betti Pei gave him a tablet of analgesic, after which Bruce laid down for a nap (it was 7.30 p.m.). Bruce Lee never woke up and couldn't be revived. Despite sending for an ambulance, he was pronounced dead before arriving at the hospital. One of the most legendary marital arts masters died.

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