Holistic History and Holistic Beliefs are the Foundation for New Age Medicine

Holistic medicine - often referred to as New Aged medicine may be revolutionizing the way doctors consider treating illness and disease. Holistic medicine and biological dentistry in particular stands for thorough examination of the body to reveal the reasons for diseases. Modern medicine is inclined to treat symptoms of a disease rather than a disease itself. Here you will learn about the holistic history, holistic perspective and balancing body chemistry.

Any medical interference affects our immune system to a lesser or greater extent. And nobody knows hidden mechanisms of this least researched system of the body. When it comes to dentistry it is often the case that symptoms and consequences are treated rather than their reason. And it affects the immune system causing problems with overall health.

Recently amalgam tooth fillings have been used and that successfully because they stayed in teeth for 10-15 years while their predecessors couldn't boast about such durability. However, it is only the front of the medal. On the other hand, these fillings incorporated some mercury that is dangerous enough. Mercury is known to be a radioactive metal that affects the immune system.

Holistic history marked its beginning from arguing against tooth amalgams. Holistic dentists believe that these fillings promote various chronic diseases and not only in the root cavity. Holistic theory involves balancing body chemistry. It is believed that our body is penetrated with energetic canals that connect various body parts. Thus stomach disorders can also be caused by poorly treated teeth according to this theory.

Holistic history dates back centuries ago. Along with traditional medicine there was alternative medicine that treated various diseases differently by using biological and homoeopathic remedies. As regards biological dentistry there have been used such techniques as acupuncture, aromatherapy, homeopathy and others. The biggest advantage of holistic approaches is that they have no contraindications.

Holistic dentistry is getting more and more popular among people who got disappointed with mainstream treatment. During the holistic history there have been used various herbs to restore hidden body powers. Acupuncture is also a part of biological dentistry. It is believed that the root cavity is penetrated with energetic canals and their derangement may lead to various chronic diseases. Acupuncture treats these canals by the application of needles or cold laser. The latter is preferable since it doesn't give pain and hastens the rehabilitation process.

The holistic theory argues against using for food sugar, chocolate, alcohol and other harmful foods. Holistic perspective in dentistry can be put into words as "the dentistry of XXI century". Some herbals can relieve chronic pains and it is very important in dentistry where pains can be intolerable. Holistic history can be interesting for people who are interested in alternative health care different from mainstream treatment and precautions.

Holistic dentistry also offers precaution measures. First of all, it is correct nutrition. Your diet should be well-balanced and should contain necessary minerals and vitamins. For example, calcium is extremely vital for bones and teeth. Dietary supplements are welcome because the lack of vitamins leads to various diseases and derangements. Holistic dentistry is now getting more and more popular and many dentists come to practice it.

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