History of the football league

The football league information can be easily found in the Internet. There are many different web sites and forums dedicated to football, the football league and many football events. Besides, many football fans create their on web sites about their favorite football players. Such information would interest anyone who are fond of football and its history.

Of all the different football games, soccer is probably the most popular in the world. There is a great number of football clubs and different football associations.

All the English football clubs are members of "The Football League". The football league is the oldest league in the world - it was formed in 1888. The football league consists of 72 clubs. All the football league clubs are divided into Football League Championship, Football League One and Football League Two with 24 clubs in each division. The football league has certain rules on how games between different clubs are to be played and how the scoring should be made. The football league has a great number of different competitions and two different cup competitions called the Football League Cup (its current name is the Carling Cup) and the Football League Trophy (its current name is LDV Vans Trophy).

The history of the football league is very interesting and is closely connected with the history of football itself. The person who came up with the idea of the football league creation was William McGregor. In 1888, he organized the meeting of several football clubs. Before that, there was no much order in the professional football (for example, there were many illegal payments to players). At first, the football league had only 12 clubs. During the following years, many other football clubs joined the football league.

Internet is a wonderful source of information about the football and the football league. There you can find a complete list of football league clubs. Description of all the football league competitions that took place during the history of league can also be found on the web sites.

Rules of football games and the various football events in the English and other European clubs are monitored by UEFA (Union of European Football Associations). It runs all the competitions and the different football (soccer) events in Europe. Nowadays this organization contains 52 national football associations.

UEFA is a member of a bigger organization which is called FIFA (the Federation Internationale de Football Association). Along with UEFA, there are also five continental football organizations: AFC (Asian Football Confederation), CAF (Confederation Africaine de Football), CONMEBOL (Confederacion Sudamericana de Futbol), CONCACAF (Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football) and OFC (Oceania Football Confederation). Sepp Blatter is the current president of FIFA.

FIFA announced in April 2004 that it is expecting to earn $144 million profit on $1.64 billion in revenue between 2003 and 2006 (the 4 year cycle including the 2006 World Cup).

FIFA has licensed its name and copyrighted content to computer game designer EA Sports to provide a number of football simulation games for PC and various game consoles. A new installment in this FIFA series of games is introduced each year, and additional versions are released with World Cup branding to coincide with these tournaments. There was also a one-off "urban football" game (FIFA Street).


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