Hip hop jewelry is the essence of modern youth culture

There are many the most different opinions concerning youth hip-hop cultures. Some people are adjusted rather aggressively and critically, others indulgently chuckle at follies of youth. However, among negative features of hip-hop it is possible to find out and set of the useful and positive moments which help youth to adapt to prompt and dynamical development of the modern world.
The youth culture at all times differed from the standard norms and rules of behaviour in a society a little. At the same time each subsequent generation of young rebels introduced something new in the universal culture. Nihilists of the 19-th century, generation of hippie, youth hip hop culture ? laughed at them, criticized them, forbade and blamed, nevertheless, they exist and develop, bringing their contribution to the development of our society.

As the direction of the youth culture, hip hop has existed already for about 25 years and has the fashion and music, the moral code and slang. Hip hop has arisen among the American youth spend the most part of time in the street. For this reason, irrespective of a national and language accessory of fans hip-hop, in a basis hip hop slang is the English language lays. In most cases it is strongly changed or completely unrecognizable the English language in which the most part of words has completely other values. For example, the young man who is a member of hip hop bands, designate words ? dog, brother, bro, b, black, cat, man ?, and the girl ? sista, girl, honey, chick, chica ? more often. The person, who is engaged in graffiti (original figures and inscriptions on walls of houses or fences) refers to "writer", and the one who puts the signature under figure, is designated ?dog tags ?. The designation of a well dressed person which has a machine and a beautiful girl-companion is identical with the name of musical group, executing music in style hip-hop- ? Bling Bling?. Among the adherents of hip hop the use of drugs, though there are also exceptions to the rules, is rather distributed. It is necessary to note that drugs and jewelry are designated in a word - "ice".

The original structure of the hip hop movement assumes "brotherly" attitudes between members of hip hop societies. There is a special hierarchy of attitudes and duties, and, despite of visibility of absolute freedom of attitudes, each member of hip hop bands takes the certain place in the structure of attitudes. In slang of hip hop there is such concept as? hip hop jewelry?, that is a certain set of knowledge, experience and skills which each fan hip hop should own. Hip hop jewelry is the certain style of a life, which each fan and the adherent hip hop follows. Therefore, according to a private rule, each member of hip hop bands should help other members of "brotherhood" to master the basic concepts and "laws" hip hop as to comprehend ? hip hop jewelry?, it means to become high-grade and the full member of the hip hop movements. There is a set of different opinions, but the majority of adherents of hip hop consider that for ? hip hop jewelry? it is necessary to understand competently four basic elements of hip hop cultures: clothes, music, slang and graffiti.

Many psychologists consider that the hobby of hip hop is the original period of mature. This process cannot be ignored completely but also the excessive control can put an irreparable harm. Hip hop is very popular with youth and adults. And there is a lot for it.
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