Head Lice Forms - Get To Know Them!

Unfortunately even in the modern world, when a man is exploring outer space, such diseases are still possible. The first reason for getting such a disease is the lack of hygiene. So it mostly happens to people from disadvantaged families. But still it is better to know head lice forms, but we hope you will meet the nit, the nymph and the adult only on the pictures.

It is hard to believe that such infestation still happens to people. There are "modern" diseases, the causes of which are even not known to modern science, yet. But on the other hand, people in the world of today still suffer from "dirty hands diseases," and such diseases like head lice infection.

Actually lice are very interesting insects. Their body is a kind of mechanical miracle. In such a little body there is a needle for making a puncture and getting blood, there is a pump that lets lice drink the blood and there is a special substance that does not let blood coagulate. Besides, on the lice's legs there are special groove that helps them to hold on to a hair.

Lice do not have eyes, but they can smell the most tasteful person. Moreover, they feel a tender affection to the person they are parasitic on. If lice are removed from a particular person, then they will probably come back to exactly that man, or at least man, and not a dog, for example.

There are three head lice forms: the nit, the nymph and the adult. Lice reproduce themselves quite fast. And they constantly are reproducing. A louse lives for a short time - for two months, on average. But for these two months, a louse is eating and reproducing constantly. In about two weeks, they become an adult louse. The most unpleasant thing about this parasite is not even that it is biting, but that it is a disease carrier. If a louse bites someone infected with typhus, that has  such forms like spotted fever or relapsing fever, beforehand, than everyone it bites afterwards can get ill with these forms of typhus as well. Just several years ago, the only way to get rid of all head lice forms was to shave a head. Nowadays everything is quite easier and faster, one just needs to apply special shampoo that kills all head lice forms.

We guess that in most cases those who are infested with lice are children. They do not know class distinction and can easily communicate with children from disadvantaged families, where there is a lack of hygiene. It is hard to say whether one should prevent his or her children from making friends with such children, but what parents should do is to prevent their children from getting infested with head lice forms.

Inspect your children heads more often. Search for some information on the Internet about head lice forms and get acquainted with the nit, the nymph, and the adult, so that you could recognize them. Explain to your children he or she should be careful. We would like to say that in most cases lice are just unpleasant parasites that bite, and that is the worse they usually can do. But besides this, we have already said that they can be carriers of diseases, they also do harm by their biting. There are such sad cases sometimes when a child is near to septicaemia because of so many lice bites. And it is awful that something like this still takes place in our world. We want to say that one should pay attention not only to his or her children, but to the children of disadvantaged families as well. It is easy at least to relieve their suffering, not to mention help and support.

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