Hair replacement techniques for those who do not want to wear wigs

Hair replacement techniques are rather popular today. They are the optimal solution for those people who suffer from excessive hair loss. There are different techniques producing quite different effects. If a candidate wants to have rather modest results, the surgeon uses mini micro punch slit strip grafts. If a candidate is eager to have pretty dramatic results, the surgeon uses flaps tissue-expansion and scalp reduction.
Hair loss is usually caused by a combination of factors. The factors include changes in hormones, family history of baldness and aging of course. There is such a tendency that the earlier the hair loss begins, the severe the baldness will be. The loss of hair may also be caused by trauma or burns. In this case different hair replacement techniques are the best reconstructive treatment, which is covered by health insurance. If you and your doctor decide to use hair transplants, you may feel comfortable because professional plastic surgeons have been successfully performing this kind of operation for over 30 years. Hair replacement techniques are able to improve your appearance thus making you more confident of yourself. Nevertheless, there is no guarantee that the results will be perfect and match your ideal. That is why it is of a paramount importance to have a clear idea of the results you are expecting to see and to discuss your expectations with your surgeon. It is vital to realize that all hair replacement techniques use the existing hair of the patient. The aim of the surgery is to find more effective usage for the existing hair. There are special donor areas on the head of a patient from which flaps and grafts are taken. That is why it is necessary that the candidates for hair replacement techniques should have healthy hair at the sides and the back of the head. These are the major donor areas. The cosmetic result of a surgery can also depend on such factors as hair texture, color, curliness or waviness. There are a lot of hair replacement techniques which can be used during one surgery in order to achieve the best results. It is necessary to mention that the results of a surgery can vary. It depends on the desire of the patient. If the patient wants rather a modest change in the fullness of his hair, mini micro punch slit strip grafts are used. In case the patient wants to have a dramatic change the surgeon uses flaps tissue-expansion and scalp reduction. The candidates for the surgery should also bear in mind that there are certain limits and not everybody can undergo the procedure. If a patient has very little hair he may be advised against undergoing the surgery. Doctors say that there are a lot of women who are prone to hair loss after menopause the reasons for it being hormonal changes, illness and aging. There are some differences in hair losses with women and with men. Traditionally, women experience hair thinning all over their scalp. As for men, they lose hair in patches. Some women solve the problem with the help of various wigs and hair extensions. Some women use topical medicines which can be rather efficient. But it is necessary to remember that the effectiveness differs in patients. Moreover, it only stops hair loss without stimulating its growth and improvement. Hair replacement surgery is a solution for those for whom none of these methods worked. Before having the surgery the candidate should realize that he will not have the same coverage he had before the operation.
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