General Concepts and Theories of Robotic Surgery History

Robotic surgery is no longer the stuff of dreams or science fiction. The use of robotics in the field of medicine is here to stay. But like any form of technology, robotic surgery advantages and limitations are always present. It can take very much time to speak about robotic surgery advantages and limitations but it can be said for sure that such a kind of surgery has made a great progress in the sphere of surgery and medicine in general and robotic surgery history and all the facts connected with it are the best proof for this.

One of the latest innovations in the sphere of medicine in general and surgery robotic surgery is probably one of the most interesting, original and impressing ones. But in general the fact of appearing of such a kind of surgery does not surprise or impress greatly. The whole popularity of our planet is constantly developing and making certain discoveries, developing something new and using in the way it is more useful for them.

In the course of time people invented different instruments and other things that helped them to cope with different tasks as well, quick and easy as possible. And one of the most prominent inventions was the invention and usage of robots. Theses being nowadays are widely used in absolutely different spheres of people's life and have a great amount of useful and positive characteristics. Medicine did not stay apart with the whole development of technological progress and decoded to try to use robots and robotic systems in its practice.

It must be said that robotic surgery history is not extremely long but nevertheless had different prominent dates and has already gained good results in the course of time. The first robotic system was called da Vinci Surgical System and was a great discovery in the sphere of medicine. Speaking about robotic surgery history it is useful to touch upon all the advantages of this kind of operations.

In general such an operation is considered to be a new kind of technique and robotically-assisted surgery has been warmly received and used since the day of its appearing. Robotic surgery history also includes two basic and most important technological improvements. They are as follows: enhancement of the system providing controlling of the procedure and refinement of the instruments used while the operation.

Robotic surgery has a countless number of robotic surgery advantages and limitations connected with the freedom of doctors or surgeon's hands. There are six degrees of freedom of human hands in cases of robotic surgery. Surgeon is conducting the operation but nevertheless robotic system helps his to make his movements more exact and avoid serious and sometimes even fatal mistakes made while usual surgery operations.

Such a kind of surgery is besides less traumatic as the instruments have exact movements and do almost no mistakes of course together with the skills of high-qualified specialists. It must be also said that for usage of such technology doctors and surgeons should be real professionals in this sphere and are desirable to have practiced in surgery for a rather long period of time.

It is important to combine the skills of the surgeon in common surgery with ability of the new technology and robotic system usage. In robotic surgery history we can come across different kinds of real-time tri-dimensional images of the organs operated and it is also very important. Sometimes human eyes cannot see and notice everything that is important while the operation. Robotic system helps doctors to forget about such a surgery.

Nevertheless robotic surgery has also some disadvantages connected for example with the price of such an operation. But we must not forget that our health invaluable and it is better to pay money now and enjoy healthy life than to pay for medicines during the whole life and complain on your stupidity when it was possible to be operated. Well, the decision of which operation to choose is the task for everybody and everybody can decide what to do in his own situation. And nowadays medicine has made the list of variants much wider.

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