Free-Element Shiatsu -- an Ancient Practice That Performs Modern Wonders on Your Body

Free-element shiatsu technique originates from the findings of the ancient Japanese massage technique. The main principles that free-element shiatsu is based upon are those of physiology and anatomy, but they are viewed in a somewhat different perspective than that of the Western medicine. The essential attributes of the free elements shiatsu practice are constantly referred to.

Free-element shiatsu technique at first glance does not seem as complicated as other Oriental methodologies, but they it is in fact also rather hard to get to the depth of. It is almost impossible to conceive all of the main principles of free-element shiatsu unless there is a considerable body of knowledge about the theoretical and philosophical foundation of the practice. It would not be an exaggeration to state that the ideological foundation of the free elements practice is very profound and rather complicated.

But is can be conceived to a considerable degree if regarded from several different perspectives. First of all speaking about the basics of the free-element shiatsu technique it is necessary to dwell upon the main principles of the energy flow activity and the possibility of introducing changes in this regard. The essential goal of the free-element shiatsu therapist is to identify the pattern of energy misbalance and restore the energetic synergy, thus recreating harmony and enhancing vitality.

By means of palming and stretching in accordance with a particular individual healing plan that a free-element shiatsu therapist performs the treatment of the symptoms of the patient. Free elements therapy is based on the pain elimination due to significant improvement of the energy flow. It is in fact the energy balance disruptions that are believed to be at the basis of every pain of disorder, that's why it is absolutely indispensable to first and foremost restore the synergy in terms of energy flow, and free-element shiatsu technique is believed to be of indispensable assistance.

A free-element shiatsu professional needs to be able to generate the kind of energy that will help the receiver of the therapy reach the optimum energy flow level. The effectiveness of this healing method can be determined by the health benefits to be achieved. The positive transformations to be listed are increased muscles, bone and sinews flexibility, enhanced mobility. In order to assess the health condition of the patient it is very common among free-element shiatsu technique practitioners to use radial pulse.

Then the method of palpation can serve effectively the purpose of confirming the diagnosis. The next stage is the treatment proper during which a peculiar form of massage is performed. It involves stretching in the direction of essential meridians is supposed to be opening certain channels that enhance the flow of energies that may have been dormant or stagnated. Thus the blood circulation is considerably enhanced and blood nourished with oxygen can effectively be supplied to the organs.

Free-element shiatsu technique originated from ancient energy concepts and has gone through a tremendously long period of development and transformations. Nowadays free-element shiatsu technique as an effective healing method has become universally recognized.

However, it can not be called a widely practiced one as it requires a lot of qualifications that are not very easy to obtain.

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