Fertility Awareness Use -- a Very Safe Birth Control Method

Fertility awareness use has long been recognized as a rather effective way of natural family planning. It is appreciated first of all because fertility awareness effectiveness is pronounced provided that the necessary calculations are done correctly, the changes in the female body are carefully watched and all of the main fertility awareness principles are observed.

Fertility awareness use for the sake of family planning has been gaining popularity. It is considered to be of great use as it is capable of providing invaluable assistance as far as timing a sexual intercourse with some particular goal is concerned. Fertility awareness principles are destined to equip a woman with knowledge that can be effectively used when it comes to natural family planning.

Fertility awareness use is helpful in the following way? the woman can stemming from the simple analysis of her menstrual period and the changes in her body triggered by it, can easily determine the most potentially prolific period of her menstrual cycle as far as conception is concerned. The female reproductive system is organized in such a way that the periodic character of its activity can be monitored.

Based on this fact every woman can receive latent advice on how to organize her sexual life depending on the goals that she has. In stands to reason that her sexual activity will be different depending on whether she wants to avoid an undesirable pregnancy or, on the contrary, to promote a conception.

As it has been stated above woman's reproductive system operates very systematically and there fore it is subject to observation. Every particular stage of a female menstrual cycle is marked by certain specific changes in her body that in their turn also are of quite a systematic character. It is those changes that a woman's body goes through that can serve as sure signs of whether a woman is ready to get pregnant or not, therefore they need to be watched closely in order to make fertility awareness use possible. All of the stages of a female reproductive cycle can easily be traced and further monitored with the help of a special calendar of using other methods.

A few of the methods that are employed in the process of fertility awareness use are the following: taking basal temperature of the body, analyzing the texture and color of cervical mucus. Among other methods there are also a hormone monitoring method as well as a combined method. Keeping track of the changes in a female body is one of the essential fertility awareness principles.

The natural phenomena connected with the menstrual cycle is what makes fertility awareness use possible and effective. In order to determine the most favorable time for conception it is necessary to define exactly when the ovulation will occur, as it is only then that a woman can get pregnant. Provided that the fertility awareness use is performed correctly a woman is able to plan a sexual intercourse, keeping in mind how good or bad the timing can be for her plans concerning conception, in other words, she can take advantage of the fertility awareness information both to avoid an undesirable pregnancy and to plan conception.

However, several opinions have been voiced questioning fertility awareness effectiveness. In fact, there is a bit of risk that the timing will not be correct, as due to the influence of some negative factors a female organism may change its activity a bit, which can nevertheless be crucial.

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