Female fitness Model features

In the world of beauty, it's no longer enough for women to have just a firm ass and supple breasts. They have to look healthy. In fitness there is a special female fitness model. It is a model that has feminine esthetic, sexual stature and that creates an attractive appearance. With the help of a beautiful gait, graceful bearing, advantageous selection of movements, poses, clothes, hairstyle and make-up, these women aren't just beautiful, they're athletic. If you go in for the female fitness model type you will go crazy over Michelle Levesque and Kim Schaefer.

To have an absolutely perfect body and soul, it is not enough to care about yourself from time to time. It is necessary to change your way of living. Your new goings-on must include good mood, balanced diet, auto-training and, of course, state of mind. And now tell me what can fulfill all these demands better than fitness? Certainly, fitness can give you a near-perfect body and ideal mood.

Let's learn about two astonishing women, who made success in fitness: Michelle Levesque and Kim Schaefer.

Michelle Levesque was born in Bromont and from the early childhood was keen on sports. She split her free time between gymnastics, skiing and biking. Michele was very fidgety and one fine day she fell in love with running. After her knee injury, she rehabilitated herself with dumbbells, and, later, weightlifting. And then she realized that she had found herself in fitness arena.

She had a dream to become a female fitness model and be a star of different shining magazines. Nowadays, Michelle keeps on training and in November 2005 she received her first positive results. She became an Overall Figure winner in Coupe Progym competition.

Michelle Levesque once confessed that it was the most difficult for her to increase the self-appraisal and to believe in herself. Then she realized that only internal harmony could give her confidence and mental power.

Kim Schaefer has another story of becoming a female fitness model. She is a wife and mother of six children and still remains a female fitness model and bodybuilder. But let's go back to the beginning of her story.

Kimberly was always a very delicate and sensitive person. She studied art at school and was keen on weaving. Kim is very active and from the early age she was training herself. In August 2002 she took part in Body for Life Challenge. During this program she learned everything about balanced feeding, nutrition and body exercises.

Kimberly considered herself a fat girl and always aspired to look like a female fitness model. Step by step she began achieving her dream. Kim participated in competitions and worked on weightlifting. Kim says that the most difficult for her was to keep to the diet and not to eat everything that her family ate.

She says that she loves the diet challenge, training and changing her body. And Kimberley is not going to finish. She earned the certificate of personal trainer of NCSF. She is fond of being a trainer and helping others to get a desirable body.

Kim took part in a number of competitions. She placed fourth in the Mid-Illinois Figure championships in April 2003. After a few days she took the second position in the Iowa Regional Figure Championships. She became the winner of North Star Figure Masters in November 2003. Kim earned second place in the short-woman's division in the Mid-Illinois Figure Championships in April 2004.

It is necessary to note that Kim has always regarded to National competitions and considered these championships very important for her. Thus, she earned third in her weight class in the Junior Nationals in June 2004. She has also got in the top three in the Central USA Figure Championships 2005 and Kansas City Figure Championships 2005.

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