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Female condom information provides a general description of this birth control method, as well as facts related to female condom disadvantages and female condom benefits. Generally speaking, a female condom is a contraception device which has the form of a pouch or a sheath. The female condom of made of polyurethane, the material, which is unlikely to cause allergic reaction. Finally, the female condom is 17 cm (or 6.5 inches) long - perfectly adaptable for most men, whether they want to admit it or not.

Female condom information stresses the fact that the usage of this birth control method is highly efficient and relatively simple. By studying the female condom information you will not only find out about the female condom usage but also get a general idea about the female condom disadvantages and more importantly, female condom benefits. By its notion, female condom is the contraception device worn by women during the intercourse.

Female condom information specifies the way in which this device performs its protective function in the following way: it covers the entire vagina and prevents accidental pregnancy. Besides, the female condom serves provide the essential protection against STD's (the abbreviation for sexually transmitted diseases). Female condom information will give you an idea about the structure of the female condom, which is far from being too complicated. The sheath is open at on end. The ring which is an integral component of the device is placed at the vagina entrance.

It is very useful as it assists the partner during the penetration. It also stops the condom from bunching up. The female condom structure essentially implies that the inside lining of the device is lubricated. However, the effect of the silicone based substance can be enhanced by additional lubrication. It is remarkable while talking about female condom structure that unlike other female contraception methods, this very device doesn't contain any spermicide. female condom information stresses the fact that has to be borne in mind by those willing to try the female condoms - simultaneous usage the male and female condoms is strictly prohibited, as the friction created can cause breakage.

The female condom made its debut back in the year 1993. It was then that the device was approved for wide public usage. Female condom usage became very popular all over the world. Wide availability is the general characteristic feature of the female condom. The great demand for female condoms has triggered the appearance of a number of the corresponding producers and brands, such as, Reality, Femy, Femidom, Domonique, Care and others.

Female condom efficiency is dependent to a great extent on the correct usage of the device. It is necessary that you extract the sheath carefully from the package and insert it after having assumed a comfortable position. You can choose from the following options: squat, sit, lie down or raise your leg. For the female condom to feel not so uncomfortable it is crucial that it should be lubricated enough.

If the condom moves out of place during the intercourse, the lady should do the following: after stopping the intercourse, she has to remove the condom and after additional lubrication insert another condom. Right after the intercourse the sheath can be removed carefully, with the sperm staying inside. It is strongly prohibited to throw the used device in the toilet.

According to the recommendations regarding female condom usage, the device can't be reused. It is normal for it to feel unfamiliar. Mention must be made of the fact that for a majority of women it may seem very hard to insert the condom correctly. But following the instructions you are sure to do a good job, or better yet ask your boyfriend to help.

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