Iris Kyle and Carle Dunlap most famous female bodybuilders

Iris Kyle and Carle Dunlap can be considered the most successful and famous female bodybuilders of the world. Both of them started with some other kinds of sport before becoming bodybuilders. For example, Iris Kyle went in for basketball and was rather successful in it because she gained a number of scholarships. As for Carla Dunlap, she began with synchronized swimming.
Bodybuilding is a kind of sport which is widely spread among women today. Speaking about the most well-known female bodybuilders of nowadays it is possible to name Iris Kyle and Carla Dunlap. Iris Kyle is one of professional female bodybuilders. She was born on August 22, 1974 in Michigan. She is the fifth child out of six in the family. Before going in for bodybuilding the woman was involved to basketball, softball and running cross country. It is necessary to note that the woman was rather a good basketball player because she received a number of scholarship offers and was also an All-American. Iris was a student at Alcorn State University on basketball scholarship where she majored in business administration. Now Iris lives in California and works as a manager at a health club. In 1994 Iris got her first victory. It happened at Long Beach Muscle Classic. In 1998 at NPC USA Championship that was held in Las Vegas Iris won the overall title and the heavyweight class thus earning her pro card. The woman has had a number of wins since she has been a professional. She had five consecutive wins at the Ms. Olympia. In 2001 Iris won the heavyweight class and captured the overall titles both at Ms. Olympia and Ms. International in 2004. Another famous representative of female bodybuilders is Carla Dunlap. She began her athletic career when she was only ten years old. At first she went in for gymnastics. Some time later the girl also went in for synchronized swimming and speed swimming. When the girl graduated from college she went on taking part in competitions on synchronized swimming. In 1977 she won several medals at different swimming competitions. In 1979 Carla made up her mind to leave competitive swimming. It happened because she decided to tale part in the female bodybuilding contest "Best in the World". It was Steve Wennerstrom, a sports writer, who offered it to the girl. In spite of the fact that the girl had never trained in this kind of sport she gained the fifth place among 45 participants. It was in 1989 that the woman started serious training in bodybuilding. She was the winner of the next three championships among female bodybuilders thus becoming the winner of Grand Slam in 1983. Soon Carla began one of the consistent top players, gradually adding numerous titles to her collection. It is necessary to mention the fact that the woman was the spokesperson at some talk shows devoted to fitness. Among the most famous are Good Morning America, Sally Jesse Raphael, PM Magazine, Mike Adams "SportsWorld", Inside Edition, DONAHUE!, Regis Philbin Show, Nightline, Geraldo! and Entertainment Tonight. Moreover, during four years the woman was a member of the regular cast panel at the show "BodyShaping" as well as commentating for ESPN. The experience of the woman in teaching such various subjects as belly dance, aerobics, swimming, gym safety, yoga, interpretive dance, guided relaxation and weight training lets her train people for various purposes at her own facility "by appointment only".
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