Facts about acupuncture and Eastern medicine treatment techniques

The ancient method of eastern medicine called acupuncture is now widely used to treat various diseases. The treating effect of acupuncture is achieved due to the biologically active points of the human body that are exposed to special needles. There are more than two thousand such body points that are located throughout the human body such as on the hands and arms, feet and legs, ears, trunk, and more.

Acupuncture is referred to as an efficient method of treatment which means the influence on many body points with needles. The long history of acupuncture shows that the majority of known diseases can be treated with these special needles. The world's medicine even knows of successful stories of magical healing of absolutely hopeless patients with the help of some acupuncture treatments. There are no age restrictions for acupuncture patients. People of all ages have been recommended to have acupuncture treatments.

When speaking about acupuncture treatments it's important to mention that it includes several procedures. The treatment program usually lasts 10 days and you do one procedure a day. Patients suffering from early diseases are usually prescribed one course of treatment which is enough for them. Those people suffering from chronic diseases and serious illnesses might require four to five courses of acupuncture treatments.

In most cases, this method of treatment is used during a flair up period. However, sometimes a doctor doesn't wait until the peak period of illness and prescribes a course of acupuncture in advance.

There are two methods of influencing the human organism with needles: braking which is long term and tonic which is short term. If the first method is used, then the above mentioned needles are inserted with slow rotary moments and left inserted in the human skin for a long time of about twenty minutes. If the procedure is performed according to the second method, then inserting needles into the body quite quickly and the needles are left in the human body for a shorter period of time of about seven minutes.

Using the knowledge about acupuncture and special medical tools doctors tend to determine which of the two methods which will used for a certain patient. In order to do this, a doctor should measure the patient's pressure in 12 steam rooms and two unpaired meridians of the patient's body and as a matter of fact all biologically active points are incorporated into the meridians The Meridians are considered to be just specific conditional definitions that don't really exist. However, meridians have been used in acupuncture since ancient Chinese people suggested the definition because of its great level of convenience.

I can't help but to mention about one more important thing about acupuncture. Before inserting the needles into the human body, the doctor wipes the patient's skin with an alcoholic solution. The number of needles that are inserted into the human body during the procedure varies from four needles to eight needles.

There are special needles used in the acupuncture treatment. An acupuncture needle is a needle made of stainless steel that is four to five centimeters long with a helicoids handle. The acupuncture procedure is bloodless and usually not very painful. The patient feels the doctor insert the needles and take them out but there is no painless sensation. Depending on the patient's age and the specific disease, the depth of the insertion may vary from 0.1 to two centimeters. After a determined period of time, the doctor takes the needles out of the patient's skin and wipes the skin with the alcoholic solution. Every patient gets his or her own set of needles that are not used by anybody else.

Before the first procedure of this course all of the needles should be sterilized by boiling them for 30 minutes. Before each insertion every needle is wiped with an alcoholic solution, and they are put into glass test tubes after they are used.

So, we know about acupuncture from the ancient Chinese. But, they not only left us with the pure medical knowledge but also many legends and unproven beliefs about the effect of acupuncture. One of them is the belief the gold needles may be used for proper stimulation and silver needles are used for a calming effect. And it doesn't matter if this belief is true or a fiction, acupuncture is still a reliable method of treatment. So, please learn all about acupuncture.

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