Everything About Blood-type Diet

Unfortunately, not all diets offered in the market are equally useful and efficient. No matter its type, a diet should take into account the specific features of an individual. Here you will read about blood-type diet and blood type diet theory. A blood-type diet is one of the most efficient diets around.

When it comes to sticking to a diet, it becomes necessary to determine one's own individual features to find out whether a diet will be effective or not. Among most professional dietitians, the blood-type diet is considered to be one of the most effective and has stood the test of time. So, let's learn a little about blood-type diet.

This diet takes into consideration blood type, thus a person to meals they are able to easily digest. The diet follows a blood type diet theory proposed by American dietitian James d`Adamo. According to his theory, all kinds of foods are divided into useful, harmful, and neutral categories for carriers of different blood types. The point is that a blood group is closely connected to cell structure and the same foods can lead to different consequences for carriers of each blood type.

For example, weight gain is a result of the digestive problems of a person. The blood-type diet aims to remove these problems by excluding hard to digest foods from a person's diet. In addition to weight loss, a blood-type diet leads to body purgation, which removes toxins from the body. Now we have some information about blood-type diet based on differences of blood types.

The first humans, or Cro-Magnon men, all had the same blood type (0). Still, 0 blood-type is one of the most widespread types in the world. 0 blood-type was perfect for ancient people since they were engaged in hunting and only used animal proteins for nourishment. With the development of agriculture twenty-thousand years ago, people came to use vegetables for food. This caused the appearance of a new blood-type - A. Having acquired a new level of the evolution after domestication of wild animals, mankind began using dairy products. This change in diet caused the appearance of the third blood-type - B. Representatives of the fourth blood-type appeared quite recently, nearly 1500 years ago, as a result of the mixture of A and B blood types.

There are so many rumors about blood-type diet that it is very difficult to separate lies from truth. However, a blood-type diet may be a scientifically justified method of weight loss.

Now let's learn the particulars about blood-type diet for each blood type. Useful foods for the 0 blood-type are meat (except pork), fish, vegetables, fruits (except sour ones), pineapples, and rye bread (in unlimited amounts). Harmful foods are cabbage, wheat, maize, pickles, and ketchup. Carriers of the A blood-type are recommended to eat vegetables, limited amounts of dairy, grouts, and beans. They should not eat meat, a majority of dairy products, wheat, pepper, ice-cream, and butter.

For carriers of the B blood type a useful menu would include meat (except chicken and duck), fish, dairy (sour and fat-free are better), eggs, grouts (except buckwheat and wheat), beans, vegetables (except maize, tomatoes, pumpkins, and olives), and fruits (except coconuts). Carriers of the AB blood-type should eat mutton, turkey, fish, dairy (sour is better), beans (in limited amounts), olives, nuts, vegetables (except pepper and maize), and fruits (except sour fruits).

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