The motion analysis system is a system of the research of the data on real objects and their movements

Opportunities of modern computer facilities are very high. Hence, many scientific problems, which once were considered difficult or impracticable, now with ease are carried out on personal computers. Progress is constantly proceeding and recently not only the analysis, but also the reception of many types of the experimental data has been made with the use of virtual models. But, nevertheless, there is a range of problems, in which it is necessary to investigate the data on real objects. But the processing is carried out on digital technical equipment, this data is necessary for receiving and formalizing somehow. Concerning the movement of real objects, so-called systems of capture of the movement and the motion analysis system are engaged in data acquisition.
In all types of the motion analysis system, irrespective of the fact which the image receives and traces the data on movement of an object, there is a task of recognition of transformation and actions of the researched object. For realization of a problem of the motion analysis system, in most cases, it is necessary to use advantages of an artificial intellect. At a stage of recognition of transformation on the received data on a relative positioning of key areas, the prospective model of the object, which then is compared to the patterns available in system, is under construction. The situation, when it is impossible to simulate an object obviously, is possible. For example, it is probably difficult to analyze the behavior of a stork on a model of a sparrow, because the sizes and proportions of these birds are non-comparable. In that case, the system of the analysis of movements can take advantages of other sorts of the aprioristic data, for example, that the stork physically cannot open a beak at 180 degrees.

In any case, the presence of the initial information on the object, which is necessary for the correct analysis of movement, the stage of initial initialization of a considered class of systems should be provided. Besides, the realization of the motion analysis system should be coordinated with features of performance of the system of allocation and tracking of markers, because the elimination of mistakes and impossible situations can already be made in any measure at a stage of processing of markers. Despite the fact that the specified interrelations between the subroutines realizing logic stages of work of the motion analysis system, the biggest part of components of the program and an equipment room of parts of a complex can be made independent and easily modified. Today the problem to carry the data on the movement of a real object on its computer model is realized.

The model can be executed in any package of three-dimensional animation and modeling, which provides use of programs in the internal language. For carrying the received data on the object, patterns are used. In ev 3d motion analysis corporation system there are built patterns for exporting to the basic packages of the modeling. If the required pattern is absent, the user can write and include it in the 3d motion analysis corporation system independently. Thus, on the data of ev 3d motion analysis corporation system markers the prospective model of the object is under construction. Then it will be checked up by means of freedom and restrictions and it is either accepted by the program, or corrected.

Further the data of ev 3d motion analysis corporation system act already directly in the program of export, which forms sequence of commands for a package of the modeling. For demonstration opportunities, the realized motion analysis system, beforehand prepared skeletal model of the person, is used. Demonstration occurs in a package of the 3d motion analysis corporation system. This complex program is very convenient and flexible in adjustment and allows to reduce time spent on performance of labour-intensive process very essentially by presenting animation of the virtual character. Besides, it can be adapted easily under many other problems connected with themotion analysis system of any type of objects.
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