European interioir designers Laura Ashley

Laura Ashley and Philippe Patrick Stark are one of the most recognized European designers. Their contribution to the European development of interior design can not be underestimated. Learn many interesting things about the biography and contribution of Laura Ashley and Philippe Patrick Starck on this page.

One of the outstanding European interioir designers named Laura Ashley was born in 1925 in Dowlais Wales. From an early age she discovered her flair for design. She began her career as a designer and a manufacturer of a range of colorful fabrics for garments and home furnishings which were originally produced in her family's factory, in Newton, Montgomery shire. After she married Bernard Ashley in 1949, he soon became her business partner. Laura Ashley was well known foe her quite conservative but cozy furnishings in the traditional English style.

The traditional style has many admirers for its timeless appeal and its being cozy to sit in. Laura Ashley died in 1985 and was buried in the churchyard at Saint John the Baptist, in Carno Wales. Soon after her death, her business flourished even reaching more than 500 brand boutiques all over the world. For the first tome her name was used as a brand name in the sixties. Though it continues to exist, sometimes the company has had some financial problems. Today, Laura Ashley is a very well known quintessential English brand now turning to more modern styles in designing interiors. Nevertheless, the main trend remains the same, its pure classic styling with some contemporary lines delivering a reinvention of traditional British furnishings from the early Twentieth Century. However, Laura Ashley interiors are soft and romantic bringing a sense of style and sophistication to every detail. Laura Ashley is one of the major European interioir designers of the twentieth century.

Philippe Patrick Starck is one of the most recognized European interioir designers. The famous future French interior designer was born in 1949 in Paris. He is very well known for his new design style which he applies to mass produced consumer goods such as chairs and toothbrushes. Philippe Patrick Starck graduated from Ecole Nissim de Camondo, Paris and soon founded his own design company in 1968. A year later Starck became an art director and started his collaboration with Pierre Cardin. Philippe has combined working as an interior designer and a product designer in 1975. Starck's works can be seen in the American Retail store called Target. Where he created a number of inexpensive product designs. However, a real success came in about 1982 when he was invited to design the interior for the private apartments of then French President, Francois Mitterrand.

The range of his designs is just immense. Philippe Patrick Starck used to design a mouse for the Microsoft Company., various yachts, and even packaging for a cigarette company. Despite his international success, Philippe Patrick Starck doesn't aim for creating something expensive and rare. Starck's designs are useable household items intended for mass production. Philippe Patrick Starck is also recognized for his innovative approach to materials because he tries to use unique materials for his ordinary goods like stone glass, and a combination of plush fabrics and chrome details, and much more. One of the most influential European interioir designers lives in three cities: New York, where he works, Paris where his office is, and London.

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