Erasure -- Don't Cancel Them Out Just Yet

Erasure has been on the scene for 20 years already but their music is still quite popular with young people and those who are in their 40`s as well. They always managed to be different for their fans, creating music that managed to change with the times. The secret of the group is probably in the formation of Erasure - when two really talented and persistent individuals found each other and realized they had something in common.

Music means different things to different people. It touches one of the five basic human senses - hearing. Music is different, because people take different things from music. Some people need it to do fitness. Others consider music as their muse. And some people need music to relax. There are so many different opinions.

Some music is for everyone - like pop music, some music is only for those, who really can understand and feel it. But there is no red line which is drawn between these two kinds of music and it seems like Erasure is somewhere in the middle. It is pop-music, but still it is not for everyone.

Erasure is a British pop-group with a really an example of the evolution of British pop. There is nothing special in the history of formation of Erasure - just two outstanding guys who became popular and famous because they composed really wonderful music.

Vincent John Clarke was once a member of Depeche Mode. His fans call him a master of electronic music. When he left Depeche Mode soon after the first album of the group was released, Vincent Clarke formed a new group Yazoo which was not a success. Later he got acquainted with Alison Moyet and together they wrote several very interesting and nice compositions. But Vincent was still dreaming about big pop music and for one more time he decided to form a group. Through a newspaper ad he found Andrew Ivan Bell. Andrew had some experience already, but projects in which he had participated were not successful as well. Together with Vincent they were to become Erasure.

For some time they worked as group of three - Vincent, Andrew and Alison but in 1986 Erasure released their first album "Wonderland". The album was not a particularly outstanding thing, but the song "Oh L`amour" is still a very popular item.

Erasure discography consists of 13 albums among them songs of Abba in a new sounding, albums which consist of the best song of Erasure and the album of songs which both guys listened to when they still were little boys. Some of songs by Erasure were very popular, others were not, but there always have been people who loved their music and waited for new compositions. Their music is in a way very romantic and still it can make you cry. Two talented guys created it.

There are fans of Erasure on all continents. Their music makes people build a bridge between different cultures just to tell each other they love Erasure and their music.

Three years ago Erasure released their latest album, where they recorded songs they listened to when they still were little children. The songs are quite interesting and Erasure performs them with great pleasure all over the world. This album lets people not only listen to new Erasure but get acquainted with British music as a whole.

Seems like even if Erasure does not create new things for more, there still will be people who will listen to Erasure, imitate Erasure and promote Erasure. And the secret is that this British pop-group was formed by two really talented people, and now it is already not to erase from the history of music.

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