New methods: electrotherapy treatment

There are few kinds of electrotherapy treatment. They are faradization, galvanizing, d'arsonvalization, diathermy, etc. Each direction of electrotherapy requires special electrotherapy equipment. Presence of all essential devices in one clinic testifies that broad specialist work in it and can make complete study, diagnose and provide patient with qualified treatment.

Interferential microcurrent is successfully applied in cosmetology for lifting of a flabby growing old skin in area of decollete. The electrotherapy equipment for such procedures is based on current of very low frequency and capacity of micro stimulation at various levels - epidermal, lymphatic, muscular.

Strengthening of muscles, activization of blood circulation, and increase of a tone and elasticity of a skin causes reduction of wrinkles, their preventive maintenance. Absence of such undesirable effects as occurrence muscular contraction and convertibility of inverse process, allows considering the electrotherapy treatment effective and safe.

The interest to electrotherapy treatment and procedures with use of microcurrents grows. Even such ancient trend in medicine as acupuncture started using the methods and equipment of electrotherapy treatment. In this way, the new trends appeared in medical practice, like electropuncture, laser therapy, magnetotherapy, vacuum therapy and others. Set of these methods of electrotherapy treatment was generally recognized. The sources of the physiotherapy are in depth of centuries and take the beginning in classical acupuncture which has not lost the value until now.

The electrotherapy equipment works with parts of the body, exposed to influence of reflexotherapy and physiotherapy, which are called active, electro abnormal, biologically active points, points of acupuncture and so on. Points of acupuncture represent sites projected on a coverlet (up to 8 mm in diameter), which are the points of the greatest activity in interaction coverlet - internal, carrying out the major function during physiological adaptation.

The electrotherapy treatment uses the special features of skin in definite active points of the body. Here the skin has a low threshold of sensitivity, high local temperature, increased skin breath (good mastering of carbonic gas), low electric resistance, the big electric capacity and high electric potential. The main thing necessary to note is that points of acupuncture possess the expressed functional heterogeneity, which is shown, first of all, in a various reactions.

It is accepted to divide the points of electrotherapy into four kinds: of local, segmental, the central and of general action. The stimulation of local points is accompanied by local reaction. After stimulation of segmental points, the metameric reaction proceeding with participation of one or several somatic and vegetative metamers of spinal cord is registered. Influence on points of the central action is realized through system: cranial nerves - CNS (central nervous system) - peripheral nervous ways. The difference in physical parameters of points and a skin (in particular, distinctions of electric properties) is used at specification of the points (for more exact influence), and also serve for the purposes of diagnostics of functional status, and, hence, the statuses of an organism and its systems.

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