Drama Shows ? Realistic Fiction or Just a Way to Pass the Time?

At times we may wonder about the source of fascination of drama shows. Why do they have such a potent appeal for great audiences that have so many options in terms of what to watch on TV? If asked about the reason of such affiliation to many drama shows, many inveterate TV fans would find it rather challenging to provide a detailed explanation. Nevertheless, a very large number of TV-watchers give their preferences to drama shows, and in particular two series that have made a name for themselves: The Sopranos and The Oz.

Drama shows have gained the ability to dominate the life of the most avid watcher of television. They actually determine the guidelines of the routine day of many individuals who have become addicted to drama shows. They gulp down meals in order to make it in time for another episode of the Sopranos or Oz. They swiftly silence anyone who dares intervene into the sacred realm of drama shows. Even the telephone is regarded as an annoying outside factor that is not welcome at all, being absolutely irrelevant to the events that take place on the blue screen.

But of course there is one factor that still can interrupt the emotional contact of the TV viewer and the alluring world of TV drama shows. This factor is the commercials that pop up after every 10 minutes or so of uninterrupted broadcasting. Of course, such commercial breaks may be very frustrating for the viewers, but if looked upon from another perspective, such short breaks are even useful.

Their use lies in the fact that they by interrupting the emotional process of sympathizing with the characters of drama shows, they actually spare the viewers` emotions and bring them back to reality. This can be very helpful because by getting overly concerned with the problems and concerns of fictitious characters of drama shows people may get distracted from their everyday life and completely lose touch with reality. The events described in drama shows should not be lived at the expense of real life joys and sorrows.

Drama shows are very useful in several respects. First of all, by showing the problems and suffering of these characters, drama shows effectively nourish compassion in vast audiences. Another useful purpose that drama shows may be considered to perform is the fact that they display the typical patterns of behavior in this or that particular situation. Moreover, drama shows do not only efficiently picture situations that resemble reality but also make obvious the range of options in terms of solving a particular problem, followed by the consequences of the one that was eventually chosen.

So viewed in this respect, drama shows can be considered very useful teaching aids of real life. If faced in real time with a challenge that is similar to one once seen in some drama show, the viewer may be already equipped with an efficient solution. Of course, it goes without saying that it does not always prove the best option to follow the drama show scenario. Neither the Sopranos are The Oz can be termed "realistic". Circumstances may be quite different, that is why drama shows should not be considered a panacea for all the hardships in life, and common sense is always the best tool, enhanced by a friendly advice.

Another intrinsic attribute of TV drama shows is their addictive character. It is very easy for an emotional person to get plunged into the described situation of life and to become affiliated to the characters, especially if they demonstrate some kind of resemblance to the viewer himself or those close to him. Some get genuinely concerned with the fate of some particular character that they take all the misfortunes their personal favorite has to face as their own drama. However, care should be taken to not let drama shows addiction go to extremes.

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