Doula types: antepartum, labor, postpartum doula

One of the new possibilities provided by modern childbirth service is doula assistance. There are three main types of doula service: antepartum, labor(birth), postpartum service. The range of doula duties varies from childbirth information to psychological and physical support during the delivery. Doula gets to be not only assistance but also loyal friend to mother during the term of pregnancy, delivery and sort time after the childbirth.

During last decade, it becomes more and more popular to gain from the doula's service. The first experienced of this kind of service was registered in the North America in 1992. It started with some essential functions and increased significantly during it development. Originally the Greek term  "Doua" meant " female servant". Today it is a woman that is professionally prepared and always ready to help to a pregnant woman. She often provides physical, spiritual, psychological, emotional and information support during the pregnancy, labor, delivery and after the childbirth.

Today the service is presented with some doula types. They say that there exist three basic doula types today: antepartum doula, postpartum doula and labor doula. All doua types main purpose is to make the pregnancy easy, comfort and unforgettable. If to talk about the labor doula in this case the woman assistant can also be called labor support, birth or labor assistant or labor companions.

The experience of doula and pregnant woman friendship and assistance starts some months earlier the delivery. The doula helps to make a birth plan and share all hesitations, fear and concerns with mother. It is time for getting real friendship after which the pregnant woman feel free to ask any questions and share any concerns with doula. Doula can provide all necessary information about the physical aspect of pregnancy and delivery although this assistant has nothing in common with professional medical support. However, all doula types can give much more than just medical help - it is physical and psychological readiness to the delivery.

Doula is loyal and helpful during all pregnancy stages; especially the help is significant during labor and delivery when doula can effectively help to the mother providing some comfortable labor positions, breathing and relaxation techniques. The statistics show that success of doula assisted delivery and labor increased significantly. Doula can help to arrange un-medicated childbirth and involve a partner in delivery process behaving herself as advocate presenting the interests of mother.

Postpartum doula stay for a short time with family providing help in breastfeeding, mother's nutrition, light housekeeping. The list of doula's duties is discussed and determined by both sides: doula and family. All doula types are perfect in massages and other variants of pregnant woman's relaxation that in practice decreased the time of delivery to 25% and number of cesarean delivery to 50% in the case of labor (birth) doula service.

First family's challenge is to decide what doula types are necessary for them and than realize it in practice choosing the certain doula. The main point in this task is to find someone pregnant woman feel comfort with. Most doulas are free of charge during the consultations so it is possible to choose the best variant for the family. The family can also gain using the service of one doula that is trained in all fields of antepartun, labor and postpartum service.

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