Doula role: professional consultant and trusty friend

Sometimes it is difficult to rely on a person when we really need a help especially if to talk about professional assistance. Especially the question is too complicated if to talk about such important events as pregnancy, labors and delivery, when the woman needs not only professional consulting but also a professional trusty friend. The best choice for pregnant woman in this case is doula service.

One of the most significant events in the life of every woman is pregnancy. Many women prefer detailed preparation to this significant process. Every pregnant woman chooses her own path of preparation. The most widespread and common variants include the following components: deciding the birth place, possible variants of delivery, nutrition, available help of the assistant, general planning of the childbirth, attending the special childbirth education classes, etc.                                 

Unfortunately, not everyone follows this strict way of preparation that probably can result in possible complications during pregnancy, labors, delivery or in different child defects.                                                
The only one effective method of excluding most problems is professional consulting on all stages of the pregnancy. The modern possibilities of birth care service provide an opportunity of having private individual consulting during the pregnancy. The significant part of this item is presented with the doula role.

Doula is a name for the professional specialist in the felid of childbirth and after birth care. The history of the "doula' origin can be traced to the Greek roots, where it has the meaning of "female servant". The tradition and significant doula role started in the North America, 1992. The doulas found the application in a sort of organizations after the gaining of special diploma or certificate related to the problem of childbirth education professional association.

The reality shows three variants of doula: antepartum (the person helps the pregnant woman before the delivery); birth doula (one that is occupied directly during the delivery); postpartum (afterbirth care). The variant of the antepartum doula is new invention. The person helps pregnant woman that has some complications during the pregnancy. Doula duties circle is wider than just the help for the pregnant: the list of duties varies from consulting to easy housekeeping tasks. The doula service advantage is the skills of doula's balancing the traditional scheme of family's life. The person helps the family to get used to their new life. The doula role is significant in the field of family childbirth education as the new way of nutrition and baby care after the childbirth will need special attention and knowledge.

The other side of doula role is after delivery depression. The doula woman is ready to play the certain role of the psychologist in the narrow field of after delivery care. The special type of doula is presented with the birth doula that provides five different supports before and after the delivery (physical, emotional, informational, spiritual and mediatorial). Taking into the consideration all these functions and great field of possibilities it is easy to realize that doula benefits are significant and doula high prices are reasonable although these prices are not available to everyone at the moment.

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