Common Dill Weed

While the name, anethum graveolens, is not well-known, its common name is Dill Weed, which is well-known and popular for its calming effect. Carvone, which is contained in dill weed, is the ingredient responsible for this beneficial effect, which is good for healthy sleep. Add some of it to your favorite salads, or mix it with eggs, potatoes,and soups. It would be perfect to add it to your sauces. Dill recipes will be an excellent addition to you and your family's healthy diet.

For the Romans, dill weed was a real symbol of good luck, for the ancient Greeks it meant a success.  It has been used in many recipes for many years. Dill Weed`s history is old enough, the word "dilla," from the old language, means to calm, or, quiet, because the effect from the tea made of dill seed helped mothers to lull their babies to sleep. Dill weed also has a history of protecting your home and body from the negative and hurtful energies of other people. It was believed to work as a charm against witches. It is said that carrying a small bag of dried dill with you will help you against the "evil eye".  All these things are said about the common dill weed.

Both Dill Seed and Weed are dried leaves and come from the same plant. This annual herb has dark green leaves and it grows up from three to four feet tall. Beneficial properties of this herb are contained in all its parts - from the leaves to the stalk. The leaves of the herb, which are commonly called Dill Weed, have a light taste, unlike the stronger flavor of the dill seed.

Dill is commonly spread in southern parts of Europe and Asia, but it will flourish everywhere that there is a warm climate and rich soil. For the early crop, it is best to plant in autumn or winter.  During the early part of the year, it is used for its fresh green leaves, and then, later in autumn the seeds will be harvested.

Dill Seed and Weed are widely used in pickling, as well as in a number of German, Russian, and Scandinavian dishes. But Dill Seed and Dill Weed differ in taste and cannot be substituted for each other in food preparation. Dill Seed is good in salad dressings. Dill Weed, because of its more delicate flavor, is used with fish, shellfish, vegetables and various dips.

For the best flavor, the fresh dill leaves are used, they should be of a dark green. The wet and wilted leaves should be avoided. You may find fresh and dried dill weed available in the supermarkets year round, though nothing can be compared with the fresh distinctive flavor of fresh dill, even its dried form. Keeping the leaves fresh is best accomplished by putting them in plastic bags in the refrigerator. Freezing is also acceptable, chop up the leaves and fill with water. For storing the dried leaves, dark and cool places are best. Dried leaves will not retain much flavor, so it can be used generously in your dill recipes. Heating dill weed brings out the dill weed`s flavor so that you may add some into the dish before baking. 

Dill is rich in minerals, vitamin C, and flavanoids. It has many vitamins, and also contains iron, dietary fiber, calcium, phosphor, magnesium, and many other beneficial things for our health.  To get the full medicinal effect of dill weed, make it into a tea.  Steep the herb for at least 15 minutes to release its medicinal power.

Anyway, in the kitchen, in those things we all love - dill pickles, it is the dill that remains the essential part, and brings out the best flavoring. It is also used to add zest to various salads from potato to egg, and it is irreplaceable in most sauces. Dill goes well with different kinds of vegetables, whether stewed or boiled.

Here are some small tips - dill recipes to show you the easiest way to use dill:

The delicious cooling dip is easy to make combining dill weed with common yogurt and chopped cucumbers.

Use dill when cooking fish, especially salmon and trout.

Use dill weed as a garnish for sandwiches.

Place some seeds in a small dish on the dinner table that will soothe the stomach after meals.

Add dill to your favorite egg salad recipe.

Mix together potatoes, green beans, other vegetables to your taste, and yogurt, then season this mixture both with dill seeds and chopped dill weed. You will be amazed at how delicious it is.

Make your own experiments with dill weed and feel free to try many things.

Just remember that eating dill weed will also quiet your mind and body.

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