Acupuncture schools in modern medicine

The acupuncture schools achieved success around the world! The acupuncture needles were permitted for use in common practice of clinics around the world as any other medical toolkit. Since then the needles are used as a scalpel, for example, under condition of high quality of manufacturing and disposable application in conformity with standards of sterility.

The specialists of acupuncture schools use both deep knowledge of the most ancient east techniques, and the newest modern technologies and results of last researches in leading institutes of medicine in acupuncture training. At present time, the acupuncture schools work on a basis of individual selection of reflexogenous zones and points of influence. Probably, there is no the person who heard nothing about Chinese acupuncture schools medicine and about "treatment by acupuncture needles".

Acupuncture schools provide with powerful means for treatment practically all functional diseases and set of organic pathologies. However, there are quite big difficulties in practice of acupuncture schools. The question is that for a correct choice of points and a way of needle introduction it is required to define the precisely east syndromic diagnosis.

The diagnosis in terms of oriental medicine is not similar to the one habitual for us, for the conclusion of the European doctor. The typical description of illness is usually determined as consequences of infringement balance between Yin and Yang, wrong interaction of fundamental principles. Such disbalance penetrates into an pathogenic organism and eases the internal protective energy. The typical diagnoses are "the Syndrome of dryness", "the Syndrome of a pathogenic Wind" or "the Full Yang-syndrome of the Spleen". 

Oriental medicine is a product of specific philosophy, though it is mostly an empirical knowledge. It is allowable for the Chinese doctor of acupuncture schools not to be specialist in parameters of the general analysis of blood, but it is completely impossible to represent a status of the patient differently, than struggle of pathogenic energy against protective energy, and illness, as infringement of Yin -Yang energy balance and blood.

Chinese doctors from traditional acupuncture schools use traditional methods of treatment, which are very complicated Methods. There are 60 different characteristics of pulse, and pulse is measured simultaneously on 6 points of a beam artery; in addition to that there is specific survey of language, a belly wall, studying of eyes, smells etc. All this is very difficult and complicated for the Europeans, which should study the basics of traditional acupuncture schools for many years to get the necessary qualification.

This complexity is connected with the distinction of cultural traditions. In fact, even the structure of language is very different to ours! The experienced doctor never neglects any opportunity to strengthen the efficiency of treatment. The program of acupuncture schools includes the module of Chinese herbal medicine that allows taking a long course of treatment with medicinal herbs based on syndromic diagnosis of the patient. Recommendations on Chinese herbal medicine are based on the book of the doctor U Vej Sin, who adapted ancient oriental recipes for the European zone. All recommended herbs are avaliable for sale in european drugstores and are included into the registry of the allowed plants.

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