Diabetes And Its Treatment With Medications

In the world, there is no person that is absolutely healthy. There are many reasons for this; genetic make up, a bad environment, and other reasons. A great number of companies are working at developing new and modern medications, from simple nasal sprays to difficult chronic medications. Unfortunately, not all of the diseases are quickly curable completely, for example, people who suffer from insulin-dependant diabetes are forced to take anti-diabetic drugs for the rest of their lives.

Diabetes is a disease that can appear at any age. The main problem is that the pancreas isn't able to create insulin, a hormone that lowers the amount of glucose, that's sugar in the blood in the right amount, or it produces bad quality insulin. The organism of a patient assimilates glucose insufficiently and the level of glucose increases.

There are main causes of diabetes, but the main cause of diabetes is a genetic disposition, and fatness, or is the consequence of some illness. If you over eat sweets or bakery goods, or consume large amounts of alcohol you may be a prime target for this disease. Sometimes diabetes is a result of a strong shock to the nervous system or a brain injury. The established fact is that diabetes isn't an infectious disease; you can't be infected because the disease develops slowly, in many cases it is caused by an unhealthy lifestyle.

The symptoms of the disease can be general weakness of the body, rapid tiredness, strong irritability, abnormal appetite, dry mouth, and numbness of the extremities. There are light and heavy types of diabetes and each have its own nature. The treatment of this disease takes a long time. Therefore, it can't be treated with nasal spray and a few pills.

Two types of diabetes should be distinguished. The first type of diabetes is more serious. It appears because of the lack of produced insulin in the organism when the beta cells of the pancreas stop producing the needed amount of insulin. This lack of insulin can only be compensated for by injection, because the oral medications, in this case are not effective. The medications lower the amount of glucose in the blood and regular insulin injections are an obligation. This is why this type of diabetes is called insulin-dependant diabetes. Usually, children and young people suffer from the first type of diabetes.

The second type of diabetes doesn't depend on insulin and is a widely spread form of diabetes. The first stage doesn't require insulin injections for diabetes patients. It requires some special medications for diabetes patients.

In order to overcome the disease, patients keep to their diet, reduce physical exertion, and take the medications in the form of pills that lowers the glucose level in the organism and stimulates the cells of the pancreas that produce insulin. However, these medications may be ineffective and the patients are assigned insulin injections. One of the most famous anti-diabetic drugs is Glucophage, also known as Metformin. This medication is taken orally and helps to lower the amount of glucose, that's a fancy name for sugar, in the blood. It is available in tablets and is used to treat the second type of diabetes. Of course, professional medical advice will help you choose the right medication for every stage of this disease.

Today the development of medicine is at a new level and the medical industry produces many new modern medications that can lower the bad affects of diabetes and help sick people return to their normal lives. The main idea to prevent all of these problems is that you just need to take care of yourself, respect yourself, and follow a healthy life style.

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