Desk Frames as Attention Grabbers

There are some who think that a desk frame doesn't belong on the desk of a business professional. That photo's of family detract from a tough image. Who can say for sure. But have you noticed sometimes how you gaze at the desk frame on your desk and completely get lost in the picture in it? That is exactly what they are meant for, to hold your attention. While away from home, a travel desk frame has the same effect on you. Picture desk frames and travel desk frames have come to stay from a long time ago.

Desk accessories are articles that pep up a desk. The accessories on your desk can give an exact picture of yourself. Desk at home or office does need some essential items to ease your work. These can be as simple as a letter opener or a stapler, to highly functional organizers. There is a considerable gain in time, with having everything that you need right at arm's length. This helps in less physical strain, or else imagine running around the whole office or home in search for a stapler or an eraser.

Desk frames, on the other hand, are there to relieve you of any type of mental fatigue. The picture of someone special or the picture of a cherished moment kept on the desk, can ease a stress line or two on your face, and actually do the work of an energizer. And it is still better if the picture also carries a message to reflect upon.


Travel desk frames come in leather and other materials that are generally used to make wallets. They can be made to stand on the desk or they can be folded and tucked away in your suitcase. The edges in some of the types contain magnet to hold tightly. There are models available in travel desk frames in which a calculator and a clock are also included. These are highly functional.

Desk frames come in different styles, materials, designs, sizes and also in combination with some other desk accessories for example, an alarm clock. Wood, glass, marble, leather, acrylic, chipboard, aluminum and plastic are used to manufacture picture desk frames. Varieties in travel desk frames also are mind boggling. Desk frames can be personalized, too.

Corporate and business houses give away desk accessories including desk frames as promotional gifts. These are worth a thousand words. Desk frames are of many types. Picture desk frames come in a combination with alarm clocks sometimes. This is a culmination of purpose and function. Four in one desk frames are good to freeze time for moment from your busy schedule.

With the rapid progress in modern technology, electronic desk frames are slowly becoming a craze. Distance from home, affordability and the shrinking of the globe due to satellite facilities has enabled people to send pictures instantly to such devices. Nokia, Sony, Nikon and Ceiva are some manufacturers of digital picture desk frames and digital travel desk frames. Memory cards are inserted to feed the images in a digital picture desk frame.

Some models have the facility to link up with phone connection and the image is instantly sent through the Internet. The Ceiva digital picture frame is one step further in that it does not need any special installations. There is no special skill needed to view the pictures. Just plug in the wires and phone lines and up to ten pictures can be viewed instantly. The Ceiva site enables to do so. Digital travel desk frames manufactured by Nikon can be carried anywhere

Prices of desk frames vary with the type. Simple acrylic ones are as low as $ 5.00 and the sophisticated digital frames can lessen your wallet by $ 250.00. In the case of digital desk frames additional expenses have to borne for the purchase of memory card, network subscription and other paraphernalia necessary to use the desk frames. With desk frames memories continue forever.

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