Curly hair advices from curly haired girls

To watch jealously as a person with a beautiful shock of hair walks by you isn't really worth it. You just have to make the effort as every lady knows that it not wrong to have healthy looking hair and a strong figure. It would be good for you if the owner of the hair of your dreams gave you some advice for curly hair treatment and care. Therefore, you should always know some styling advice for your curly hair. In other words, you should know some curly hair do's and don'ts.

Many people think that curly hair is very coarse but actually it just has a different texture. Because it is usually smoother than straight or wavy hair, curly hair may not be as attractive as the other previous types. The point is that in your case your curly hair isn't smooth enough to reflect the light which is another feature of the other hair types. Besides, you always knew that humid air always made you curly hair curlier.

Though it is often claimed that ladies with straight hair have always dreamed of curly hair, it doesn't mean that people with curly hair have dreamed of having straight hair. Famous hairstylist Michelle Breyer in her recent article, Long curls are even hot for men", says that today gentlemen are wearing their hair longer and they consider their curls trendy and very stylish.

I cried at the sight of my comb many times before my mother stated combing my hair. And, I guess that I am not the only one still suffering because of my stubborn ringlets of hair. That is why I would like to offer you my curly hair advices which could become your survival guide to manage your curly hair.

Let me start with your curly hair dont's because you shouldn't repeat my mistakes even while washing or combing your beautiful hair. First, brushes and combs because of their teeth may pull out your hair; therefore, you should buy big wide tooth combs because they are unlikely to damage your delicate hair.

Combing your hair is very important though because it help to distribute its oil between oily parts and the usually dried ends. As for shampooing with curly hair, never forget that washing it daily may increase its dryness. But, it is almost impossible for me not to wash my curly hair daily because of my active lifestyle. Besides, how can I appear in the office if I am not presentable enough? This is something that you may ask me.

Certainly, curly hair advices from doctors like try to wash your hair once a week or don't wash you hair too often isn't very realistic. This is especially true if you work in a dusty place or do sports like swimming often. Remember, that there is always a way out. You can reduce hair dryness by following each shampoo with a conditioner for a better moisturizing effect.

For example, the express conditioner called Gliss Kur Schwarzkopf and many others are especially designed for curly hair. There are also a series of shampoos and conditioner that are two in one like Hair Sensations from Lanc?me, Garnier Fructis, and many more. Another thing that you should remember if you are the lucky owner of curly hair is that straightening with heat or chemical solutions isn't good for the health of your hair. Professional hairdressers would advise you against the daily use of hair styling devices.

An essential and important part of curly hair advices is curly hair styling advices. Sometimes, it is better to take care of your curls than to get a hair cut. There are thousands of online shops like Curlmart, Frizzoff, and others that offer you the best products and treatments for taking care of your curly hair. While searching for some styling products for example, you must insert your hair type and the desired effect such as moisturizing or anti frizz that helps you find exactly what you need.

For thin hair it is better to use mousse because it gives your hair much volume. But, if you have thicker hair use hair sprays like Clinique Hair Care. And, don't forget about the curly hair advices that I have given you before about washing and combing your hair because it is essential.

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