Cleansers and skin type need to be in complete harmony

Clinique was launched by Est?e Lauder Inc. in 1968 as the first dermatologist-guided, allergy tested, and fragrance free cosmetic brand, different from most cosmetic companies in that its goal was to meet individual skin care needs by categorizing skin type. The correlation between cleansers and skin type needs to be adequate. Normal and sensitive skin cleansers have specific ingredients that can be completely different from those that are constituent elements in the dry and oily skin cleansers.
The Estee Lauder Companies, Inc. engages in the manufacture, marketing, and sale of skin care, makeup, fragrance, and hair care products worldwide. It also licenses fragrances and cosmetics sold under various brands. Its skin care products include moisturizers, creams, lotions, cleansers, sun screens, and self-tanning products for women and men. When embarking on selecting dry and oily skin cleansers or normal and sensitive skin cleansers, there are some specific factors that need to be taken into consideration. The presence of adequate information about the types of cleansers and skin type is very helpful and appreciated by people who long to provide their skin with the best possible treatment. Clinique was originally based on the 3-Step Skin Care System (often abbreviated to simply 3-Step), which is a system of skin care based on cleansing via Clinique-formulated dry and oily skin cleansers, normal and sensitive skin cleansers (soaps), exfoliating by a toner branded as "Clarifying Lotion", and moisturizing with the "Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion". Since Clinique categorizes cleansers and skin type, the elements in all three steps of the 3-Step System are tailored for these different types. For example, the "combination" skin type uses the "mild" soap and toner strength "2". People with different skin types are likely to suffer form either hypersensitivity of their skin, or on the contrary - combat the extra grease that tarnishes the way their skin looks. 3-Step is still central to the Clinique brand. At each of their cosmetic counters, Clinique consultants interact with customers and use a specially designed "Clinique Computer" to find out the customer's skin type (dry, combination, or oily) and provide dry and oily skin cleansers or normal and sensitive skin cleansers that will best suit the customer's needs. Clinique has adapted the 3-Step cleansers and skin type system for men, too, replacing the toner with a "Scruffing Lotion". Clinique's line has expanded from dry and oily skin cleansers or normal and sensitive skin cleansers, and now includes additional skin care products, makeup and cosmetics, fragrance, haircare, and men's products. Clinique also has a facial care line called "CX", designed for men and women who suffer from Rosacea. Provided the choice of cleanser types is made correctly, it will be possible for people to eliminate their skin problems. Cleansers that are meant for sensitive skin are the perfect solution for people with sensitive skin. For sensitive skin, the non- foaming type of normal and sensitive skin cleansers is most popular. Non-foaming cleansers are available in a variety of forms, but creams and milks are looked after most of all. Some ingredients of dry and oily skin cleansers will most likely prove to be unacceptable for your skin due to the fact, that they are too harsh or just irrelevant to your specific skin problem. If types of cleansers and skin type qualities are not balanced out, problems caused by skin irritation will definitely appear.
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