Contemporary windsurfing competitions review

Wind and free style disciplines are judged competitions in which the surfer with the best diversity and technique wins. Formula Windsurfing, Olympic Boardsailing, Super X, and Slalom are races where multiple sailors vie on a course and the Speed Racing discipline is a competition where surfers race on a 500 meter track in taking turns. Learn more about each wind surfing discipline in the windsurfing competitions review.

All windsurfing competitions can be divided into the following disciplines:
Formula Windsurfing Class
Olympic Windsurfing Class
Speed Racing
Super X

What follows is the windsurfing competitions review which briefly covers all the above disciplines.

Windsurfing Competitions Review

Let's talk about the Formula Windsurfing Class. Formula windsurfing is a fairly recent development in the sport intended to revolutionize windsurfing by creating an environment that would make the competitions less dependent on strong winds and more spectacular. Formula is also a class of boards about one meter wide. They have skegs or fins about 70 centimeters long and can carry sails up to 24 meters. In contrast to the Olympic class, sailors are capable of choosing boards of various models provided that they are qualified as Formula boards and use sails and fins of various sizes.

Large sails in conjunction with the wide style form facilitate planning in utterly low wind environments. However, if these conditions are not met formula boards can't be utilized and the events can't be held because non planned sailing is extremely hard with this design pattern. Formula boards are employed on flat water rather than costal surf; but competitions are still held in windy setting that involve chop and swell.

Now let's talk about Olympic Windsurfing Class. In Olympic Wind Surfing Class one design board is utilized. All sailors employ identical long boards with danger boards and the same comparatively small sails. This selection of equipment results from the pre requisite that the board can be used in a range of sailing settings that is planning and non- planning. This is particularity significant for the Olympic Games, since the event has happened irrespective of whether the wind is adequate for planning.

Now, let's talk about Slalom. Wind speeding slalom is a fun board race on a track shaped like a number eight. Slalom boards are narrow and small and are to be used near high winds. The racing in the fun board class requires a wind between 9 and 36 knots from the windsurfing slalom event to occur.

Let's discuss speed racing. The windsurfing speed racing competitions are run in a straight course if 500 meters. The sailors have another 300 meters to speed up previous to their time and it is calculated on the sped course. The sailors take turns competing and their completion time is measured.

Let's discuss Super X. This is a fairly new event in wind surfing competitions but it definitely deserves its mention in our windsurfing competitions review. Super X is a cross between slalom and freestyle. The competitors race on a short down hill track and have to use duck jibes at every turn. In addition, sailors are to complete several tricks during the course of the race such as body drag, jump over a barrier, or even do a front loop. All sailors must wear protective clothing during the Super X competitions.

Freestyle is what we will discuss next.  Freestyle is a timed and judged windsurfing event. The sailor who has the utmost repertoire or contrives to perform the most stunts is the winner. The freestyle events are all about show and surfers are assessed for their creativity.

Let's discuss wave. Wave, the last discipline in our windsurfing competitions review is very similar to freestyle surfing with the difference being that the stunts are by and large performed in the surf and the score is awarded for how skillfully the waves are ridden.

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