Condom Use - a sign of mature and Modern Sexual Activity

Condom use has established itself as one of the most widely spread birth control methods. Condoms are also largely appreciated for their ability to assure protection from sexually transmitted diseases as well as from an undesirable pregnancy. But all of the benefits listed above can be guaranteed provided condom proper use. However, there are several condom disadvantages to be mentioned as well.

Condoms are now widely spread, easily accessible and used. They are referred to as the traditional birth control devices. The popularity of condom use nowadays accounts for the abundance of various condom types on the contemporary market. The variety comes the different materials capable of being used for the purpose of making condoms. Apart from the traditional latex, such material as polyurethane has been widely used in the recent years.

It can be curious to note that the material that were formerly used for making condoms were, if placed in t chronological order, animal hide, fish and animal intestines and even woven fabric. Among the more recent ones rubber should be mentioned. At various stages of condom usage history the focus of condom usage was shifted. In about 17th century they were employed primarily for the sake of protection from diseases, while later the expectations were rather connected with protection from an unwanted pregnancy.

Throughout the history of condom use they have proven to be very efficient birth control devices, however, in the light of recent investigations their efficiency in this respect is being questioned. It has been experimentally stated that even provided condom proper use these devices do not offer one hundred per cent protection from an unwanted pregnancy, neither they keep you ultimately safe form sexually transmitted diseases.
These facts need to be kept in mind when choosing a birth control method. In this regard it can be a good idea to consider the option of using some kind of back-up contraception.
Giving a brief overview of the condom types presently available it seems quite reasonable to touch upon the recently introduced types of condoms, namely those that are meant for women. Their shape is similar to that of male condoms, but they are slightly larger.

Another difference is also that of price of the article, which can exceed the price of male condoms two- or threefold. The pros and cons of female condoms is a highly disputable subject and there exist quite a lot of opinions on this point. Among the female condom disadvantages women mention the unpleasant noise that can be a disruptive factor during the intercourse. But the qualities mentioned above should not be regarded as reasons to form a negative opinion about the female condom use.

Taking into consideration the fact that they have appeared rater recently, it is safe to say that female condoms will undergo a series of modifications in order to eliminate matters of concern. They will be attributed more and more characteristics that will make their usage increasingly convenient and enjoyable.

Modern male condoms are presently designed to be ultra thin and can have a few optional characteristics like some peculiar color or pleasant smell. However, despite all of the advantages of modern condoms, many men still prefer to avoid condom use as they believe that condoms make the pleasure of sexual interaction considerably less pronounced.

Among other condom disadvantages they mention the fact that the mere putting on of the condom can be an interruption of the lovemaking process and considerably reduce the sensors stimulation. However which is more important? Reduced sensor stimulation or an unwanted pregnancy?

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