Condom History Overview - Interesting Facts Regarding One of Man's Best Friends

A condom history overview should start with giving account of the events that happened long before our era. The first condom is believed to have appeared in about 3000 B.C. Condoms have always been popular and had a privileged status comparing with other birth control methods that people have been using in the course of centuries. Condom properties make it a very efficient contraceptive.

The progress and development of birth control methods is a very interesting area to inquire into. Condom history overview alone will offer a good deal of interesting facts. Although nowadays the variety of condoms available is indeed amazing, it has taken humanity several centuries to reach the level of development that is present now. Condom history overview will be very telling of the desire of people to come up with the most effective birth control method.

When it comes to condoms, humanity seems to have reached the ultimate degree of mastery as far as condom manufacturing is concerned. Taking a look at the condom history overview can be quite helpful as it will enable to trace the whole history in progress. In an attempt to provide a brief condom history overview it seems reasonable to start with the ancient times when the contraception methods were utterly primitive. This can be accounted by the fact that the level of development was still negligible. Condom history should start with the date of about 3000 B.C. This is the date that marks the drawings of ancient Egypt that were discovered by modern archeologists.

The pictures featured men who were wearing certain articles of clothing that resembled condoms in their appearance. The archeologist could only make suppositions concerning the functionality of these items. It is very likely that they were the prototypes of modern condoms and therefore were used for the sake of pregnancy prevention, but there is another theory that they were actually items of a special ceremonial garment.

The period that is believed to have marked the appearance of real condoms was dated at 1640. This is when the first condom was believed to be made. It was produced out of animal and fish intestines and were believed to be a very effective method of preventing sexually transmitted diseases rather than contraception. About the same time new types of condoms appeared. They were those made of linen that were to be tied on with a ribbon. Providing a brief condom history overview it is absolutely impossible to overlook the name of Giacomo Casanova. There is hardly any other man who is so renowned in the light of his amorous adventures. Besides, he is also known for the fact that it was him who first started using condoms as a method of contraception.

A crucial event in the condom history overview is the appearance of rubber condom. Once the mass production of rubber condoms was made possible due to the appearance of vulcanized rubber, this newly introduced product swiftly gained wide appreciation. The condom properties allowed it to be conveniently used and it provided with sufficient protection from sexually transmitted diseases but also for the sake of pregnancy prevention. Curiously, the first condoms were meant for more than one use.

They were thoroughly washed, dried and stored for the sake of being reused later. Luckily nowadays, condoms are moderately priced and people are able to freely use them without regret.

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