Colin Farrell and Orlando Bloom ?Two of the Brightest New Millenium Stars

Hollywood builds up stars and pits them out so fast; it's hard to keep track of who's considered "hot" and who's considered "not". Add to the fact that today's movies are almost more reliant on special effects than on actual talent, so the question is who is the real star? A handful of actors and actresses have risen above the quagmire to be considered new millennium stars, and of this group, Colin Farrell and Orlando Bloom seem to be at the apex of their careers.

Who knows for sure the role that fate and destiny plays in the career of an actress or actor. There are scores of Hollywood wanna-be's - men and women who work hard, searching for interesting roles and barely scraping by to make a living. Some make it and some doubt. Others have taken the short road. In the right place at the right time when fame comes suddenly and without warning. You never know for sure when a film will take an ordinary actor and place him or her in an extraordinary situation. And before you know it, new millenium stars are born.

Such is the case with the film trilogy "Lord of the Rings". This film - based on the well-known novels by Tolkien - made hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide. But surprisingly, the new millenium stars that cracked the protective cover of Tinsel Town weren't the headliners of the movie. Now, one of the actors that were unexpectedly catapulted into the role of new millenium stars was none other than Orlando Bloom, who took a small but decent enough role and road its wave to new heights.

Though he was rather well known on the theatre stage, in world of movies it was in this film in which Bloom he scored his first big role. Orlando Bloom dreamt of the career of an actor since the age of nine, and already when he was 16 years old he started to play at National Youth Theatre of London. On the stage of the London theatre he had played for about three years. And both colleagues and directors alike spoke very well of him as the actor. In many known plays, such as "Uncle Vanja", "the Twelfth Night", "Seagull", "Antigona", and "Trojan women", he made a name for himself playing serious roles.

Like many stage actors, Orlando Bloom felt the lure of celluloid pulling at his sleeve. So he decided to give film acting a try, easing into movies with supporting roles that allowed him to stretch his wings a bit and learn a craft actually quite different from the stage. Orlando Bloom played the first role of his in 1997. Off the springboard of that success Bloom received more offers. He decided to pick and choose. Knowing full well that he wasn't ready to make the transition into film full time.

To Orlando Bloom, the audition for the role of Faramir in Lord of the Rings made the casting director take notice. The boy had talent! But he subsequently cast in an entirely different role! The bow and arrow wielding character of Legolas was thought to be more suitable to Bloom's apparent talents. As one of the new millenium stars, Orlando Bloom, sunk his heart and soul into the role and developed into a memorable performance. The accolades soon followed and he has easily eclipsed the success of virtually every other actor in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Colin Farrell on the other hand, is a talent of whom reams of newspaper could be filled. Whether because of his effortless Marlon Brando-like appeal, or his apparent addiction to women, wine and song, Colin Farrell is another new millenium star on the fast track to success. Thanks to roles starring opposite the likes of Al Pancino and Angelina Joilee, Farrell has a bright future ahead of him. That is if he can keep his pants zipped up and his mouth shut when not acting.

Criticized for his excess, yet complimented for his apparent talent, Colin Farrell could easily rise atop the pantheon of new stars for this generation.

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