Child Sexual Abuse - a Serious Problem in the New Millennium

Child sexual abuse is a major problem that could become an obstacle to your child's normal physical and sexual development. It stands to reason that identifying sexual abuse is a prerequisite condition of getting your child back on the track of normal life and secure his growing up a healthy person. The physical nature of child sexual abuse, whatever the sexual abuse categories, is highly pernicious to the physical and mental state of your child and prevents the normal development of his sexuality.

It is not a secret that bringing up a little childe is a huge responsibility. There are a lot of problems that all parents have to constantly face. A great deal of minor challenges keeps arising all the way to your child's growing up before he becomes independent and self-sustained. It is not unnatural that at the primary stages of his life the child is in undeniable need of his parents' love and attention.

This taken into account it is essential that every parent realizes the significance if his responsibility and meets the arising challenges with dignity. Nothing can be worse than a parent turning a deaf ear to his child's problems. It is crucial that the minor and major problems that might make your child unhappy and miserable are coped with at the initial stage of their development. Otherwise their negative consequences on your child's personality would be later hard to overcome.

Child sexual abuse stands out from the row of childhood problems, which can be treated as relatively insignificant. Child sexual abuse is sure to have a pernicious effect on the whole life of your child. Child sexual abuse puts the little ones into the state of shock. It is easy to understand why children are reluctant to tell others about what has happened to them. They are on the one hand ashamed, and scared as well, that they might be punished for not concealing the tragedy inside. Thus the little ones live in constant fright that this terrible thing can happen again.

The number of officially registered cases of child sexual abuse is truly alarming. What is even more alarming is that the unregistered cases are even more numerous. This taken into consideration, identifying sexual abuse is the duty of the parents. It is unwise and useless to count on your child telling you about the trouble that he got into. Some parents choose not to be overly concerned with the possibility of his child being sexually abused. It is not that this phenomenon is completely unheard of.

The majority of parents are sure to think that it can touch any kid in the world, but their own. However, it is the issue to be seriously concerned, even distraught about. It stands to reason that all of the sexual abuse categories stop the normal development of the child's sexuality. That is crucial to realize here is the fact that there may be no obvious signs of child sexual abuse. They can only be detected exactly during the examination by a professional doctor.

Therefore it is reasonable on the part of parents to pay close attention to the way their children behave. Among the latent signs of child sexual abuse are the following: nightmares and problems with sleep, absence of interest to the studies, keen interest to sexuality or vice versa, its complete denial, sexual motives in drawings, suicidal thoughts. It is crucial that the necessary preventive measures are taken to prevent your child from becoming a victim of child sexual abuse.

He should be explained that he must respect the adults, but he doesn't have to obey anything and everything that they say, if it doesn't look right.

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