Childbirth education: the dilemma of benefits

Thanks to new technologies and new level of service it is possible to get perfect theoretical and practical knowledge in any field. But there are some life events that are completely depend on person's abilities and orientation in the certain field. The pregnancy and childbirth are some of them. Childbirth education classes guarantee providing the information for couples that is significant and essential in any stages of the pregnancy, labor, delivery and child bringing.

Unfortunately, the sad statistics facts show that the most of pregnancies are unplanned (more than fifty percent). At the same time it is difficult to reduce the obvious increasing size and quality of planning the pregnancy labors and delivery itself. The practice proves that couples that are engaged in detailed planning of the pregnancy from the early beginning are concentrated in many items: starting from the well-organized birth plan that includes a number of problems connected with running of the pregnancy, labors and delivery.                 

Another field that is in a big concern of many couples is childbirth education. The childbirth education is very essential and useful in any case especially when the woman is on her first pregnancy. Childbirth education classes provide all necessary information for both woman and her partner concerning the pregnancy and first steps in child bringing. Today's pregnancy care service provides a huge choice of childbirth education classes' variety. Many countries according to the law system and their local social service provide most of couples with free childbirth education. The general scheme of the classes depends on the state and certain hospital. The duration of the classes and their series and number during the week is in the direct connection with the hospital rules and traditions. Sometimes it is possible to have different variants of classes from the view of couples number.                     

As today the pregnancy service system is very flexible, most families will be able to satisfy all their needs in available childbirth education classes. If the person wishes and consider it reasonable, some organizations may allow bringing the relatives in the classes. Traditionally the list of possible topics covered by the companies is very wide. Most organizations have highly qualified point of instructor's professional experience from the early beginning. It is adequate to ask for the certain certificate of the organization.

Sometimes the necessity of the courses is obligatory because of the lack of connections of pregnant women with relatives and having no possibility to have sufficient information. The second reason of preferring visiting of childbirth education classes is a traditional fear of the delivery and pain. From this point the pregnancy experts and instructors can provide necessary information about possible variants of labors and types of delivery. The courses can provide theoretical base of the pregnancy process and can guarantee preparation for delivery in practice. After the series of classes most women are psychologically ready to the delivery. The facts prove that the success and general running of the delivery often depends on psychological state of the women. The best psychological condition can be gained while visiting the courses that consist one of the main advantages of the childbirth education.                        

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