Burdock tea made of the leaves of the plant is one of the best blood purifiers

Burdock, common name for any of a genus of coarse biennial weeds characterized by bristly burrs. Two species, the greater burdock and the lesser burdock, are native to Europe, and are now commonly naturalized throughout North America. It is a popular dish in Japan. Burdock tea can be used for various conditions, But its most remarkable feature is that it is considered to be a very good blood purifier.
Burdock plant resembles broad-leafed dock with burrs (seed pods), hence its name. The motherland of burdock is China but now the plant grows wild in Europe and America. Burdock is famous for its detoxifying properties and as blood purifier. Thanks to its diuretic nature the plant helps the kidneys quickly filter impurities from the blood. The volatile oils promote to eliminate toxins through skin. The plant increases circulation to the skin, thus helping to detoxify skin tissue. Due to this purification the burden is removed from the liver and kidneys. Burdock plant also contains inulin (a carbohydrate) strengthening the liver. Burdock tea, which is made of the leaves, is used for a number of diseases, such as fluid retention, female, genitourinary, glandular, inflammatory, rheumatic,and liver conditions, bladder pain, gout, swollen glands, inflammations, hepatitis, and jaundice. Burdock tea also possesses a lot of strengthening and stimulating properties. For example, it is good at toning the stomach, strengthening indigestion, building the systems of young women, stimulating the eliminatory organs and secretion of bile. When combined with Dandelion root, burdock tea is an effective liver cleanser and blood purifier. Burdock tea can also be a good remedy for respiratory tract conditions, asthma, certain cancers, fevers, sciatica, boils, eczema, scurvy. It is able to neutralize and eliminate poisons from the system. For curing skin conditions the tea may be used alone or in combination with yellow dock and sarsaparilla. If taken for three to four weeks the tea may be helpful for clearing persistent teenage acne. Burdock tea may be used in the form of a wash for treating abscesses, all manner of swellings, catarrh, scaly skin conditions, ulcers, acne, boils, hair growth (especially with blind nettle), syphilis and others. Externally the leaves may be applied as a poultice for gouty swellings, shrinking arteries, old sores and ulcers, tumors and also to relieve inflamed surfaces and bruises. Burdock fruit (seeds) are used for restoring smoothness to skin, chronic skin conditions and kidney conditions caused by derangement of the nervous system. The ability of the plant to flush impurities from the body has several positive consequences. Burdock purifies the blood without side effects. Chronic skin problems are indicators of ill health. So, when the body is in balance they disappear. The detoxification effect as blood purifier is able to relieve acne and boils on the face and neck. Burdock is also employed for skin conditions, which result in scaly and dry skin, such as eczema and psoriasis. Burdock tea contains the polyacetylenes, which inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi. This helps to prevent infections, colds, flues, cystitis, and skin infections. Inulin is a good immune system regulator. It is considered to get attached to the surface of white blood cells and make them work better. Inulin, a carbohydrate used in medicine in ancient times as a diuretic and a diaphoretic (a medicine that induces sweating). Some animal studies showed that inulin is able to activate immune cells to fight cancer cells.
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